Monday, April 15, 2013

Refinding my creative

So one of the great things about switching from the Helsinki offices to the London offices is the sense of creativity.

This wouldn't be immediately obvious given that the surroundings look basically the same - they're both glass and steel corporate buildings settled in business parks in the middle of fairly large cities. And both are filled with designers who have their complaints or their champions and are doing their work day after day of various interesting kinds.

But one thing that I've come to appreciate in my short (or sometimes long) 3 weeks here thusfar, is the change in attitude here. Maybe it's a cultural difference or maybe it's just the people here, but there is a shift happening here in London that I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gotten had I stayed in Finland. There is a desire to want to continue innovating. To want to create.

I have had the extreme luck and fortune to have been introduced to one of the in-house creative teams at my site that does pure innovation work. With the awesome blessings of my boss, I am going to be allowed to participate once a month in all-day workshops that center around topics of various kinds submitted by people just like me. We will discuss all-day about whatever we think is relevant. And based on those ideas and discussions and ponderings, create things and ideas and products that are completely unrelated to our day-to-day projects.

It's groups like these that created things like Google Plus within Google.

It's nice to be back among people who want to think outside the box again. Who want to push the envelope and not just work the normal 9-5 (as if I could be that lucky on a normal basis anyway, even when I try).

So, here's to the future of that, and looking forward to creating some excellent stuff. :)

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