Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Celebratory meat

So what did we do after things were generally cleared up and put away?

We went to eat. And then go and get the rest of the stuff from the temp apartment so we could check out and really sleep the night in my new place.

What did we have for dinner? Well, considering we'd had pretty small stuff that day (breakfast early in the morning, sandwiches standing up in the kitchen since there was no furniture), we were hungry by the end. Really hungry. And I was especially hungry for meat.

Oddly my diet goes almost vegetarian whenever I go abroad. Call it being cheap or just being more health-conscious (or lazy, since cooking takes a dive as well), I just don't eat much meat when I'm by myself. Granted I'm with my parents right now, so they're still supplying meat to me, but in general, on my own, not much meat.

So when huge amounts of strenuous activity happen. Meat is desired. And required.

And what had been catching my attention every time I came out of the gym and was walking back home?

Aberdeen Steakhouse. Right across the street from Paddington Station.

Blast you delicious smell of meat!

Well it was high time I had it. And so I suggested it, and we went.

And it was fabulous. I ordered the Mather's Black Gold Angus Ribeye. 8 ounces of sweet sweet meat. Rare of course.

I didn't bother to go into the details with this waiter of how I would love it if they just waved it over the flames and gave it to me, I was too hungry. I did, however, spend the extra 2pounds and get the red wine sauce. Was it worth it? Yes. All of their other sauces are pretty tempting though, so I'm pretty sure I would have been satisfied either way. My dad got the bernaise for his steak and it was to die for.

For sides I ordered to coleslaw (which was mayonnaisey perfection). Vinegary, sweet, crunchy, fabulous. I haven't had my mouth water for coleslaw like this in a long time. And I've only recently (like in the second half of my life) decided that I actually like coleslaw. Strange things.

The quality of meat here was quite good, I'd have to say. I was very pleased. Certainly not a cheap place (19pounds for my steak), but not horribly expensive either. A great treat for a tiring move-in day. Celebratory meat for a momentous occasion in my life.

Let's face it: didn't think this time last year that I'd be here. This time last year I was a week away from moving to Finland. I was terrified and excited to be moving to such a foreign place, leaving somewhere I'd been for 8 years, wondering if I would be able to adjust. And look where I am now - I had a great time in Finland, still love everyone I met there, and now I'm here, in London.

Life never looked so strange and so good. Wonder where I'll be this time next year. Maybe I should book a fabulous steak in my calendar, just in case.

Aberdeen Steakhouse

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