Thursday, March 21, 2013

My first days with Don

...and with that, my transition to living with Don.

Landing here has been a whirlwind of activity...which is not hard to believe once you realize that my schedule went something like this:

Friday - Finnish farewell party - say goodbye to all of the wonderful people I had met during my 11 months in Finland
Saturday - goodbye night out with my girls and visiting all of our favorite spots
Sunday - getting my things ready in Oksa for the movers on Monday
Monday - moving day - all of my things are removed and taken away...I clean the apartment and check out
Tuesday - full day at work, final farewell dinner at Finnish French F's restaurant, then stay the night at German K's place
Wednesday - work half day, fly to London, check into temporary apartment, figure out how to get to work and where nearest grocery stores are
Thursday - full day back at work at the new London offices
Friday - full day back at work at the new London offices
Saturday - first apartment viewing and wandering around Ealing and other neighborhoods I am interested in checking out
Sunday - delicious breakfast then walking around Shepherd's Bush and other neighborhoods I am interested in checking out
Monday - back to work and another apartment viewing

...I think you can see where this is going.

As they say, no rest for the wicked.

It's been nonstop since I got here, not even real time to realize that I've actually left Helsinki, despite all my previous posts.

I will say though, my first impressions of Don: rude, loud, dirty, and crowded.

Some fabulous examples of what I mean:

  1. Despite pedestrians having the right of way, drivers feel the need to speed up while turning corners, honk at you, and scare the death out of you. WTF.
  2. All of the underground lines in the world seem to be under maintenance and having delays. Going to places takes forever.
  3. It is surprisingly cold here (it's been snowing on and off since I arrived, despite snow being a rarity here in the city). WTH. O_O
  4. The journey planner for public transit is awful. Surprisingly difficult to use. (This is where the UX design nerd in me just gets angry).
  5. Where is the recycling? No recycling in the temporary apartment I live in. At least there is proper recycling in the building I work in.
  6. Food is surprisingly cheap here, but somehow I find it unfulfilling. Perhaps Finn has ruined me in this way.
Anyway, we'll see how it goes. Big city, lots of possibilities.

Okay Don, I'm waiting for you to impress me.

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