Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bidding for a future with Don

So the bidding war had begun for Heaven on Argyle. What happened next?

Well, my representative (yes, it's wonderful being moved by a company...you have agents to do this sort of work for you and being represented is one of those things...it also makes you look fancier and ensures that you'll pass all of the referencing that will happen) sent our offer to the landlord and we were to wait until the landlord responded. When we went to view the place we noticed there were other people buzzing about the place so it was likely there would be competition.

And competition there definitely was.

The landlord's response to my offer? Ridiculous. He raised the price of my offer and not only threw out all of my lease terms, but asked for a two year lease with the conditions of release set for only if I am laid off or relocated.

Excuse me, what?

So only if my company decided to move me or get rid of me, could I end the lease without financial responsibility. This is the most unreasonable set of lease terms I'd ever heard of in my life. And I am a landlord back at home - I'd never do this to my tenant.

We'd heard rumors that the British rental market was highly unregulated, but to this degree? This was just ridiculous.

So we rescinded the offer. I'm not going to live under the tyranny of some ridiculous landlord. I believe in the bad juju law: if negotiations started out in this way, something is fishy. The universe is telling you that something isn't right. In my mind, negotiations are like discussions - they're places where you can have talks and reach terms on a friendly basis. No reason to hurl unnecessarily harsh terms one way or the other. It's about reaching compromise, something everyone is happy with. If you're just trying to be greedy and get only your way, well, you can go to the highway my friend.

I quit that and decided to go with my second choice. Quirky in Stirling Court. I did like the idea of being that weirdo living above a Ceramicafe. I mean come on, I am that person, after all. Ever since I lived in San Diego I've had an unfathomable love for ceramic cafes. I even brought my two best creations with me on my move abroad (yes, that's a fact - and even used them to serve company!...no claims on artistic talent though...).

So now we wait again. I am hoping for much more favorable terms and discussion this time around. I know for a fact this one is managed by a corporation, so that's likely going to work on my side, and this corporation works with my representative agency quite closely. So I'm hoping this all goes well for me. There will likely be some negotiation, as there always is, but as long as it's reasonable, I'm agreeable.

Fingers crossed.

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