Monday, February 11, 2013


Finally I was back in Helsinki for another 5 days of peace and quiet.

On my last night in before leaving for Thailand, the girls and I decided to get together for a dinner before several of us headed out for different paths. I was going to Thailand, German K was headed out to India for a business trip (and some quickly planned holidays), and Finnish Irish T was planning out her last week of work, having decided that she'd had enough and wanted to move on. It was definitely a night to catch up and see what was what.

We decided to have this hilarious night of conversation at Umeshu, the self-same sushi restaurant where German K, Hong Kong P, and I had ordered take-away earlier in the summer. This was my first time actually eating in the restaurant though, same as Hong Kong P.

Needless to say reservations were made ahead of time, since there were five of us - Hong Kong P, German K, Finnish Irish T, and a new addition to our normal group - Turkish C. All of us scurrying from our various dens and appointments, we all were there a bit late except constantly punctual German K.

The sushi itself was fresh and lovely, as it was the time we had taken it away. Our waitress was surprisingly pleasant despite our last experience with her and the take-away.

But the most hilarious experience was with ordering dessert.

Since coming back from the States I've gained a little bit of weight. This was welcome, since I was getting a bit too thin, and because of it, I'm hungrier than normal all the time now. I decided I was interested in having dessert, and the girls decided we could all share something.

So I asked the waiter (our waitress having disappeared to somewhere else and never coming back) if there was a dessert menu we could take a look at.

The stern and serious reply was a curt, "NO."

There was a pause as we all gaped at him open-mouthed. There was blunt, and there was just plain rude.

He then, after his serious pause, said, "No because there is only one dessert."

And paused again.

And I said, "Which is?"

And he went on to explain what it was. The only thing I caught from his description was sour yogurt something with berry sauce and caramelized nuts.

Yeah okay, sure, that sounds fine. So the thing was ordered.

Boom, it arrived 20 minutes later (service takes forever).

Gorgeous presentation. Edible flowers, artful arrangement of very fresh berries, and beautiful slate plate. Not sure who does this business but it's wonderful.

And so was the dessert. Tasted like the creamiest no-bake cheesecake you'd ever had. Totally worth its wait and weight. (Hah!).

We were all laughing deep into the night about the waiter's reaction to our request for the dessert menu. But we all agreed - when your dessert is this good, you do only need one.

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