Tuesday, February 12, 2013

tSH goes to Thailand

Oh yes, the big TL.

It's unfortunately true that I've not explored much of Asia. I've been to China and Japan and, strictly speaking if we're talking about that end of the world, also New Zealand (if the world is being sectioned that way), but it is really true - I've not seen much of the glorious Asian side of things.

Mostly I'd like to claim this is because it is so far away from the States and having only recently moved to a place that allows me greater access to this region of the world I've left it more unexplored. But this would be mostly a lie. To be completely truthful I've just never had that much interest in it until fairly recently. Call it a fear of the tropics and tropical plants (plus all that comes with it - humidity, more bugs, larger bugs, the inability to wear things that could protect you from said bugs...at least not comfortably), but I dunno, my neuroses definitely kept me from coming to this part of the world for the vast majority of my life.

Well, luckily with my move to Finland also came down the barrier to the the rest of the world and its territories. I am breaking down the wall. I am bridging that gap.

I was finally ready to go to the tropics and love it.

And surprisingly, I loved it more than I ever imagined.

Maybe it took me living in extreme cold for a year to finally love the tropics, but it's true. I embraced it. And I cannot wait to go back, whenever that is (hopefully sooner than I foresee).

This definitely whet my appetite for this part of the world, and I'm not just talking about the food, which crazily enough now ties Japan as my #1 food country in the world (and that's saying something).

So, behold my adventures in Thailand. There's literally something for everyone here, and I could not recommend a country to visit more.

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