Friday, February 8, 2013

Snap it's cold!

The return to Finland after spending time in London, even a good time in London, was a welcome one. To be honest I've not been in my "home" country for more than a week since maybe early November. It's something that I admit with a little sadness. I certainly have loved living in Finland (flaws and all) and not spending much time in-country has meant less time with friends and other joys.

This was to be another one of those times. Five days in and then back out to Thailand.

But first? Apparently dealing with the coldest cold I've ever felt in my life.


As we were landing (three hours late because it decided to snow like no one's business in England, which...even though it's snowed the last several years in England, they still don't know how to handle...even though I'm pretty sure I read they buy equipment to deal with the snow every year...what do they do with all that equipment afterwards? does wonder...), the captain announced that it was -27C outside.

...excuse me, what?

Jesus Christ I don't even have a concept of what that would be like.

What that ended up being like, was as soon as you walked outside, literally everything of moisture that was not inside your face (like your eyes and the inside of your mouth) froze instantly.

I'm actually not kidding.

The mucus inside my nose froze. Not to be disgusting about it, but literally, my snot froze. INSTANTLY.

Ice snot.

And it hurt. It really actually hurt.

I was going to be green and economical and take the bus home, even though I was on a business trip, but considering it was close to 2:30am by the time we landed (it was supposed to be 11pm) and my snot was icicles, I decided against it and took a cab.

...I don't think my manager cared. She's a Finn and even she agreed that -27C was nasty.

Luckily the cold snap only lasted for another day or two (the next day it was -21C during the day...I stayed inside my warm apartment and watched movies) and since then it has warmed to a balmy -10C or so during the day. It actually is quite nice in comparison. I actually enjoy -10C now. I thought -5C was warm, but no, -10C is actually quite nice now. Especially with the sun out...which I can pretend to feel the warmth of (it's an illusion, utterly and completely, but it does make you feel better).

To be honest I am hoping that it does stay really cold up until I leave. One of my bucket list items for Finland before I go? To walk out on the frozen sea.

Yes, the sea does freeze. And yes, you can literally walk out to the middle of it because it's so frozen.

This, I will definitely try to do.

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