Thursday, February 7, 2013

Setting up a British bank account

So one of the many things one needs to do when relocating to a new country is to set up financial means in that new country.

Unless you have a spectacular international bank account that allows you to withdraw and transfer money scott-free all the time, this becomes a necessity.

I, unfortunately, do not have one of those accounts at this moment. So, I needed to set up a new account at a local bank in the UK. Guess I still haven't reached WT status in that regard.

Anyway, so when I was in London this past time, I figured it would be a good idea to set one up while I was there. This was two fold: I had the time, and it's better to have an account up and running when you start applying/bidding for apartments. When I relocate to my temporary accommodations mid-February, within a week I will be doing my official apartment search, and with any luck, be bidding on my future home. For that, I need to show that I am financially viable, and then be transferring a deposit, etc. For that, I need a UK bank account.

I am pretty sure you see the logic in all of this.

After some much-appreciated research by the parentals, it was found that I could call a certain number and request something called Client Manager Service from the bank that my company is associated with. This service allows you to set up an appointment with a banker, who will answer any questions you might have about the different types of accounts there are and all that jazz, and go through the documentation and applications with you as you're filling them out.

Well, hot damn.

That sounds like just the ticket for someone like me who's relatively dumb when it comes to technical financial things. Well, also, of course, I'm a noob to the British financial system. Every country has a different one and it certainly helps to have a professional on your side who will explain things to you. Thank god.

So I set up an appointment with the people and what do I find out? This banker will come to me! No figuring out messy tube routes and refilling my Oyster Card with more funds to find my helpful banker! No no! They will come to me!

I could hardly believe my ears! My personal banker even rearranged her schedule to make it to me on time (since I was flying out the day we could make our appointment together) to make sure we could meet before I left.

I was liking this bank already.

When we finally met, not only was she friendly and hip, she literally filled out the forms for me! It wasn't that she assisted with me filling out the applications - she actually hand-wrote them herself! Talk about service, good god.

They must really want my money.

To be honest I've never felt so wanted by a bank in my life. And I didn't even transfer funds that day (still need some other things to happen before it becomes official, since I'm still not a resident of the country yet).

I'm starting to see the good side of Don, Lon Don already. He certainly is financially friendly.

We'll have to see how it goes once I have money in there and what the services are actually like (since Finn's financial services were incredibly convenient, in a way that Randy Ego's never were and seemingly, never will be), but so far, I'm incredibly impressed by the human side of things.

Things are looking very promising.

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