Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yet another hiatus...

Apologies, dear readers, that so soon after coming back for the new year, I will once again proclaim a hiatus.

But this one is for a pretty legit reason and I think you'll agree.

tSH is going to Thailand!

Yes that's right, yet another exotic locale. Arguably even more exotic than previous locations.

And you will hear all about it when I come back (well, within a two month time period after I come back, given how much back log I tend to have). But in any case, you will hear about it and it will be chronicled appropriately and to the best of my abilities/memory.

So, please excuse my absence while I am away, but I will return posting again starting February 4th (that's a Monday, the day I come back to work).

If you happen to follow me in other places (you know where those are since you know who I am in real life), I will be likely posting a picture a day to let you know where I am. So, you can get your daily dosage of my travel life from there until I return.

Until then dear readers, au revoir!


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