Friday, January 11, 2013

tSH goes to Norway: Bergen

We finally arrived in Bergen around 3:30pm. A bit delayed because part of the way there a section of our track was covered by debris, so a service engine had to go out and investigate for us, leaving us stalled at one of the few and infrequent stops we made along the way. Turned out to be nothing, but it did delay us by an extra 40 minutes.

The sun was basically set by then so we decided to just walk around and take in the city. We didn't do any prereading on this city so we didn't have any particular destinations, plus everything seemed to be closing by 5pm so even if we did have a destination or two in mind we would have only had time to see one.

Bergen isn't the biggest city in the world so we walked around the old section pretty quickly. It reminded us a lot of Porvoo, hilariously enough. Very similar look and feel, which was rather wonderful.

Mostly we went into the little shops until they were closed and then we did what we do best - went eating.

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