Thursday, January 10, 2013

The train to Bergen

So, the asscrack of dawn. Everyone's favorite time of day. Especially when the sun doesn't actually dawn until 9am. And sets at 3pm. And this is the most southern part of the country! It was only going to get more dark from here on out.

Despite not being able to print our tickets ahead of time and Daniel somehow figuring a way to lose both his car keys and phone (yet still finding the time to make us all chive eggs and and an awesome assortment of breakfast foods...he texted to say he found his phone later in the fridge), we still found a way to make it to our train from Oslo to Bergen on time. I was super proud of our group; despite not getting much sleep (we talked and wined until the wee hours of the night), no one got angry, no one had a mental breakdown or anxiety attack, and no one said a peep. Everyone worked at maximum efficiency and we got to our train with 10 minutes to spare. Enough time to properly thank Daniel for the amazing couchsurfing experience and peacefully, slowly, find our seats.

Admittedly as soon as the train took off German K and Hong Kong P immediately fell asleep (we had done enough research to know the first 2 hours of the 7 hour scenic train ride were the most unscenic, so it was safe to nap then), and there were talks later about how German K was really feeling on the inside though she did an excellent job of hiding it, but we did it. We made it.

And the train ride really was as gorgeous as they said it would be.

Unfortunately pictures were sinfully hard to take. Think: high speed train, window glare, inside lighting, unclean outside windows, and just the inability to capture something so beautiful with an insufficient camera.

I did still try to take pictures, nonetheless, so here is a partial of my bounty, for your enjoyment. Apologies for the less than spectacular quality; the most beautiful things in life really do need to be experienced in person.

Admittedly I also fell asleep during this train ride and some of the most beautiful things, I just didn't take pictures of. The others had better cameras than me and got better photos, but we still have yet to trade pictures from the trip.

This is something I would definitely recommend.

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