Monday, December 10, 2012

The drunk poet

With our mood growing ever so cheery after our fine evening at Kuurna, we decided to head to Liberty or Death for a nice drink before calling it a night. After all it was Friday, and what better thing to do early in the evening than have a nice cocktail?

So we headed onto the tram and went to our new favorite drinking hole...the cute speakeasy with dim lighting and a penchant for nonexistent seating.

We arrived there, fashionably early, and actually found three seats at the bar (one of us having decided it was late enough to go home and do nothing).

The drink menu having changed, we took awhile studying the new menu before deciding on some new drinks.

I chose The Drunk Poet. First off, because it contains one of my favorite drinks (port, naturally), and second, because of the fine quote that was attached to it:

"I went to the worst of bars hoping to get killed, but all I could do was get drunk again"

Well, here's to you, Charles Bukowski/The Suicide Kid. I'll drink to that/your honor.

The drink was once again, amazing. The taste of raisins in my mouth, mixed with bitters and something stronger. I've got to take bartending lessons (this almost happened in my life, unfortunately work got in the way).

As the night wore on and we noticed an astonishing number of mustaches in honor of Movember (yes, they even recognize that here in Finland), we asked the bartender for his recommendation of drinks. Hong Kong P, having turned down his original recommendation of a ginger martini, asked him what an orange drink he was making had been before. He replied, steely: a ginger martini.

Embarrassed at her interest in something she had excused as boring before, she admitted defeat. It was astoundingly delicious. I also ordered one. Think of the freshest lemonade you've had, mix it with some ginger, and poof, you've got yourself one zesty cocktail.

We laughed long into the night before calling it and heading home. Another successful time at Liberty or Death.

Though we didn't get to try any more of the signature cocktails on the menu, I thought I'd share them with you anyway:

The Genteel Punch
Our housemade punch packs a gingery spiced punch to drive away the bitter cold outside.
Genever/Kings Ginger/Carpano Antico/Sugar/Spice

The Time I Lost My Cat
Every once in Awhile you lose something you love, well one of us kind of lost his cat, this is for all of those things you have loved and lost.
Hendricks/Creme de violet/Galliano Authentico/Bitters
-> I almost also considered getting this one. Because it was just asking to be tasted.

The Italian in Paris
A marriage of two greats, in this cocktail we try to marry some French flavor with Italian style.

The Last Argument of Kings
The King of France Louis XIV had this phrase inscripted to his cannons in Latin. We here at Liberty or Death think he probably would have done a better job if he would have had the same inscription in his cocktail glasses.

The capital of Pirates, buccaneers, and pirvateers from all corners of the world. Tortuga was situated in Haiti. For the Tortuga cocktail we drew inspiration from the weird and wonderful combination of white fruity rum, tasty bourbon, and some spicy pimento liqueur.
Makers Mark/Rum/Pimento/Bitters

The Witch in the Woods
A bewitchingly intriguing combination of fresh blackberries and the well-balanced floral notes of Hendrick's Gin.
Hendricks/Creme de Mure/Lemon/Egg White/Bitters

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  1. Minor typo: "combination of white fruity run, tasty bourbon" should probably be "rum" instead of "run".