Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last wedding of the year

I was fortunate enough to be invited to another wedding towards the end of this year, and even more fortunate to be able to attend it, considering it was in the States and for all intensive purposes, I was supposed to be in Finland.

Being someone who hates to get late replies, I responded early, saying that unfortunately I would be unable to attend since I was silly and lived in a faraway snowy country. I sent a card with the more gentle herpes of the craft world (i.e. large confetti instead of glitter), and posted my apologies.

Not a day after I mailed the card, however, I was told by my boss that I would need to be extending my Thanksgiving trip (due to my need for a UK visa, as previously explained). I was originally going to get said items during the Christmas trip home to the States, but as logistics would have it, I needed to get it during this trip instead.

Well, well...looks like I would be making this wonderful wedding! :D Whoohoo for otherwise inconvenient work logistics! Finally, working in my favor!

So I changed my tickets and re-responded with a final and toothy "yes."

Wonderful things, weddings. It's taken me a few years to get used to the idea that I'm adult enough to attend such things with grace, and to actually understand that I'm old enough to know people who are old enough to be getting married, but alas, I've come to this stage in my life. With it comes a certain amount of joy, and always, admittedly, a little bit of teary-eyed weepiness that I'm too Asian to like to show in public. Call it a fear of showing emotion, but eh, it's hard to cry in public for me.

This wedding was one of those blessed affairs where they make you cry a little before making you laugh about something beautiful. This couple is adorable together - always finishing each other's sentences, cute to behold, and making you think that you better get on this stuff before you're old and alone. Oye, as if this world wasn't hard enough to live in. ;)

Anyway, the wedding was beautiful and I just wanted to give a little shoutout to them. It's rare still that I go to weddings and as much as I want my people to find their people, I do kind of hope that it stays this way for at least a few years longer. All this love stuff makes me feel awkward and emotional.

This is still a spreckled hen, exploring vast and unknown territory. O_O

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