Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The balance of life

How important to you is work-life balance?

This is a question I've been asking myself more and more as the days get colder, darker, and greyer.

I've never had problems with rainy weather, dark skies. It's just another reason to curl up with a book and escape somewhere else. My only problem is that my body reacts badly to it. But that's just something that happens, and unfortunately something that cannot be helped.

But as time goes on and projects get busier, the earlier darkness has begun to weigh on me. The lack of sunlight does make a difference, and I notice the work-life balance tips ever so heavily in the work direction, rather than to life.

And those around me tip the same.

Because what else do you do when it's stormy outside and you're already at the office?

You work.

You work because you don't notice what time it is, because it's always dark outside.
You work because no one feels like talking anymore.
You work because it's cold and you're already tired enough.
You work because it distracts you from the winter, inside and out.

You work.

The question is, dear readers - do you just deal with it and continue to work, with your head down, waiting for it to pass, or do you fight it, knowing that your life is more important than just bearing the hard conditions?

As others, near and far, delve deeper into their work, I wonder this to myself.

How much do you love your work over everything else?

I read somewhere that you have to nurture the things you care about in your life. Without proper attention, even the best relationships wither and die.

And so, despite the cold, despite the dark, despite the feeling that all I should do is hunker down and bury myself...I will maintain those who are important to me.

Because I care about you.


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