Friday, November 9, 2012

My first snow!

Sinister as that may sound, it's actually quite innocent.

Yes, it was snowing when I first moved here (well, more like it was still snowing when I first moved here), but I mean this was the first experience in my life where I actually went to sleep, woke up, and there was snow where there had previously been none.

This is a momentous occasion in my life.

I've never lived anywhere where there's been snow. Well, not consistently at least. In San Jose we do get the odd bit of snowfall every, say, 15 years or so. But it melts as soon as it hits the ground.

This snow had the audacity to stay for a good two days or so before melting.

No one had any idea what to think (other than, "ERMAHGERD, SNER!"). It's not supposed to snow in October, not even here. In the northern parts of Finland it's been snowing for weeks, sure...but we're in the southern, civilized part of Finland. Not out in the boonies or anything. No snow should linger here until at least November. Or December. (Yes, one can definitely imagine people with their noses upturned for that particular part of the conversation).

But snow there was, and snow there was for a few days. Because the temperatures actually dropped to a blood-warming -5C during the day. Yes, it was minus consistently during the day.

My friends started telling me horror stories about how when it gets cold enough during the winter, if you're retarded (like various foreigners who move to the country and have never experienced cold of this magnitude...i.e. me), and go outside with your hair still wet, it can actually instantly freeze and break off. Break off. Your hair. That would require a freeze so deep that your the walls of your proteins have literally burst and can no longer hold their structure. I was amazed and slightly terrified. As if it isn't bad enough going slightly blind from the cold and low-light conditions, you have to lose your hair as well!?!

Jeezus. What kind of place did I move to?

Apparently the kind of place that snows in October.

Still though, it was exciting to see it snowing. Because I happened to be working from home that day and didn't need to dip my toes outside until I was going out later that night (it was a Friday, so my girlfriends and I were very pleasantly warmed by alcohol by then).

I am happy to say I can check this one off the list now. I have lived in a place long enough to see the transition from one season to another, involving the coming of snow. Technically this is kind of a gimme, since it will only really count when the snow comes and really lasts (for like months and months), and it's possible I may miss this being away for several weeks in a row for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, but I'm going to pretend like this counts enough for me to check it off.

Helsinki, you are definitely full of life experiences. No doubt.

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