Thursday, November 1, 2012

Liberty or Death

...or as we lovingly ended up calling it, Revolution and DIE!

Hilariously this is actually the name of a speakeasy that recently opened up in our wonderful town of Helsinki a few weeks ago. It's so fabulously trendy that only the social elite have heard of it. Naturally Hong Kong P had already gotten wind of it and some of her fab friends had already been to it. So of course we had to go check it out. For the sake of research, if anything.

We walked the several blocks from Domo, still full from the memories of food but buoyed by the emptiness now in our wallets, and came upon Liberty or Death in its quaint, somber fullness.

J had described this place as "hipster chic." I believe I would have instead called it "shabby lounge chic fab."

Again gloriously nondescript on the outside (this seems to be a common trend in Helsinki), gloriously dim on the inside. And extremely well designed and tailored. It was my Apartment Therapy dream. Thank you random decorator,  you made my night. There is a designer god. And (s)he imagined the modern day gloomy Dick Tracy to a tee. It. Was. Beautiful.

The place was covered in books (in many languages, I might add), beautiful art, and bartenders dressed for the part. And the details. The beautiful details. Oversized clear bulbs hung above the bar, but were only dimly lit to give their yellow tinge to everything, deepening the mood.

And the cocktail die for. With drinks like "Hemingway's Mustache," "Calamity Jane," and "The Gunpowder Plot," clearly I was in for a night. I only got to try two (the last two), but they were winners.

It actually reminded me a lot of two speakeasies I've been to previously. One, The Noble Experiment in San Diego (a fabulously well-hidden jewel - reservations only via a voicemail system, parties no bigger than 6, and located behind a hidden wall of keg barrels in the back of a hamburger joint depicting Jesus eating one of their creations), the other, Single Barrel in San Jose (another beautifully dim locale with fabulous drinks and good company).

And because I simply cannot describe the glory of this place any more, I will show you in pictures.

Exposed lightbulbs above the bar.

Fabulous sketches around the joint. This one was my favorite.

My second drink of the night - The Gunpowder Plot. A drink in tribute to Guy Fawkes. It was very heavily whisky-based and went down smoothly. It came in a little glass jar (to the right) with lemon and orange zests. Fabulous.

A larger view of the entire establishment from near the front door. It's a small place, with seating for maybe 30 people. So trendy that no one cares.

I definitely plan on coming here again. I have to try everything else on the menu (there were about 8 cocktails). We tried about 4 - Lucha Libre, Hemingway's Mustache, Calamity Jane, and The Gunpowder Plot. There was also a very good selection of wines and beers.

Here is a gorgeous sneak-peek of their new cocktail menu (apparently it changes sometimes...and btw, this is the same layout as the last one...beautiful):

Give me liberty, or give me death! ...actually just give me another fabulous drink.


Liberty or Death

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