Wednesday, October 10, 2012

To celebrate a very special birthday

Your sister only turns a certain age once in her life (what a nonstatement, haha). But that once needs to be celebrated. And deserves a special gift.

Such was my thought as I was twiddling my thumbs one day in my apartment, and I couldn't decide what I should get her to celebrate such a momentous occasion. Deciding it should be something from Finland, I thought of all the possible unique Finnish things I could get her:

  • Reindeer jerky?, it'll be confiscated by US Border Control/Customs and then I'll have nothing. That'll never work.
  • Reindeer leather products? Well, the only thing I'd want to buy her that's made of leather would be amazing boots or something of the sort, and considering nothing's reasonably priced here that'd likely cost me an arm and a leg...considering both of those are pretty meager offerings right now because I'm half starved by the price of food here, I'm pretty sure that's out as well.
  • Salmiyaki? Hm...pretty sure she had that when she was here and deemed it salmi-yucky. Damn.
  • Salmon? Same problem with Customs as mentioned before.
  • An amazing hooded woolen cape? Well, that would require a boat trip to another country, plus it's not typically Finnish...and to be realistic I think I would enjoy that a lot more than, again, I think that's a strike out.
  • I think I'm out of ideas.
After this line of thinking went on for another 45 minutes or so (it could have been shorter or longer, it's really hard to tell sometimes with the light here), I gave up.

Ah, hell, I'll just make her a scrimshaw.

So scrimshaw it was!

The only problem was inspiration and an appropriate meaning. My scrimshaws always have meaning behind them (or at least that's what every artist will tell least the ones good at bullshit...which is every GOOD artist, hah).

I'll not be explaining the story behind this one, because it's personal, and between me and her, but anyway, here is what I decided to do (after some trial and error...much error):

Glory be the scrimshaw, yarrr!

Man I totally need to find a steady supply of bone...(yes, that was one of the many terrible jokes that came up when I presented her with the gift a few weeks later...just thought I would share).

Time to befriend some hunters.

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