Thursday, October 18, 2012

The changing of the colors

Ruska. The changing of the colors (otherwise known as "the turning of the seasons" or some translation of the sort).

Having lived in places where this typically doesn't happen, it's a bit shocking. Seeing leaves change from green to red to orange to's incredible. Of course I'd seen pictures of such a thing but never before experienced it for such an extended period of time.

Luckily for me this month of October has been mostly dry. I'd heard horror stories from coworkers and friends of Octobers and Novembers where everyday has been rain, rain, rain. Sounds dreadful. Add to that the impending darkness and you've got yourself a mix for grumblings. Much grumblings. Especially from someone who is used to full days of sunshine year round. And constant temperatures of 23-25C. Not to mention the fact that the fall is usually when temperatures get warmer, not colder. Call me jaded, but mostly I still consider this weather bullshit. It's freaking cold. Last night's low? Freezing. Really: 0C, 32F. Literally, freezing.

But I digress. Seeing the changing of the colors has been breathtaking. Noticing the leaves that fall off just a little bit more everyday as I go to work (I can't see them when I come home from work as I've been working late like a chump but also the sun sets half an hour earlier each week...that's how fast we're losing light in this part of the world). It's also getting quiet again - people are going out less and less, except for the occasional big thing (like last week from Wednesday to Sunday it was Stockmann's Crazy Days, i.e. Hullut Päivät - where things go on "crazy sale"...a crazy sale to a Finn is something that is 5% off...I'm not kidding).

Fall is here. Winter is coming. There's no denying it now. Soon it'll be snowing (everyone hopes for that white Christmas, regardless if you're here or not...which I fully intend not to be), and I'll likely be writing about how I nearly avoided death on the way to work (from freezing, slipping on ice, or any other number of dangerous obstacles that are on my path from apartment to work place).

But it's okay. I moved here so I could experience something new. Something different. And that's definitely what I'm going to get.

Welcome to the hinterlands, spreckled hen. You're about to meet your maker person.

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  1. Couldn't agree more about the colors! I just took a brief trip to Minnesota and didn't realize how much I missed it until I saw them all over the place. Enjoy it while you can!!