Thursday, October 4, 2012

Someone else flew over the Kuukuu's nest

Introducing friends to restaurants you say are good is always a nervous affair. You wonder if they'll think it's good or whether they'll leave thinking you have terrible taste in food, which is an atrocity and a slap in the face all the same.

So when JBL asked me where we could eat dinner one night I was nervous. Where could we go? What would be a good standby to take a visitor to?

Unfortunately my favorite, Coma, was closed for the evening. First choice, alas, closed for my personal hosting use. Damn you restaurant hours!

So I thought quickly - where else had I been recently that chalked up to delicious eats?

Wait...there was that place right around the corner from my apartment, right? That who-ha...Kuukuu!

So I suggested it and away we went.

Thank god it's always open (or at least whenever I have needed it thusfar) and it's always okay to walk in. Ambiance is nice, and usually there aren't too many large drunken parties there. On this particular night, I lucked out once again.

Wanting to have something a little familiar and filling, I ordered the steak (notice a trend here?). Classic, delicious, actually cooked decently rare. Nothing says "I'm totally listening to whatever you're saying" like chewing on a good steak, right?

And surprisingly, upon my recommendation, he ordered the hare (which is what I got last time). And he thought it was good. Hosting skills: definitely up a point or two.

I definitely ate all of that steak. First really good steak I've had in Finland, as far as I can remember (hell, it was rare and tender...can't really ask for more than that here...not going for anything fancy nowadays).

I even ordered dessert (in a good mood, let's just say). Cheered once again by the memory that nothing on the dessert menu contains chocolate or ricotta, I ordered the cherry cheesecake this time:

Which was fabulous. And oddly covered in strawberries (which were incredibly sweet). I like these kinds of cheesecakes - smooth, little tart, and just the right amount of cold. For someone who doesn't really care for sweets, this definitely does the trick.

JBL on the other hand, decided to go a little more heavy-handed. He also insisted I take a picture of his dessert, so it would have a place on the blog. So here you go:

I only had a bit of the white chocolate mousse in the tall glass (which was awesome), but I heard the "mmm"s of a satisfied patron so I'm gonna guess the rest was also quite excellent.

And so an overall delicious meal was had. Thank god I hadn't let down on my hosting abilities. Could have been far far worse. What if I had chosen the wrong restaurant? Decided to go adventurous and try somewhere new? This is why I need to continue eating around Helsinki, despite high prices. Gotta make sure I have a steady arsenal of good restauranting on hand. Just in case my standbys are all closed for whatever reason (hell, with the hours businesses keep here, you never actually know).

Thanks again Kuukuu, you just scored me major hosting points.

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