Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mr. Roboto?

So after picking up my glasses and wearing them out of the store with glee (despite the fact that it was sprinkling and I had to learn the rather difficult lesson and technique of cleaning them properly...still something I'm learning to's harder than one would initially suspect), we met up with our favorite couple J and O for dinner.

Despite what one may think of Helsinkians and the emptiness of the city, for whatever reason, on this particular night, everyone and their mother decided to come out for dinner! Guess the turn of cold weather, the rain, the upcoming elections...something just made everyone turn to each other and say, "let's go out for dinner tonight." Every restaurant we went to (and we went to at least three) was fully booked and crowded. We couldn't get a table no matter what we did, no matter how long we waited.

By this time Hong Kong P had decided she'd had enough. Grumples McGrumpy Pants was coming out of the woodwork and food was going to be needed stat before nights were going to be potentially ruined.

So we went to an old standby. A place we knew would not have a line and would have delicious food. We went back to Domo.

Good ole Domo.

Though perhaps not the speediest of restaurants, it is definitely dependable. And the food is good, albeit expensive. Don't expect to spend less than 35euros here and walk out full. You won't.

Especially when you're with foodie friends. Food friends who love wine. And food. And everything.

And thus our feasting commenced. Everyone ordered several things off the menu because we'd been waiting to get sustenance for such a long time. I am guilty as charged.

First order off the menu? Deep fried eggplant with sweet miso sauce.

What I expected was diced eggplant with gooey sauce all over it. What I got was something...different.

Hilarious. And literal. I had no idea you could deep fry an entire eggplant in its wholeness. But apparently you can. And it's still amazing. It was extremely tasty, though admittedly the sauce, served in this way, was a bit overbearing. I'm glad I decided to bite the bullet and pay the extra 1,50euro for a bowl of rice (something I'm a bit loathe to pay everytime because it seems an unnecessary cost). I was already paying 13euros for this hilariously simple eggplant dish so...yeah.

I also ordered a sushi roll which came a bit later, hence my reasons for completely forgetting to photograph it. Apologies for my terrible photodocumentation skills, as always. But basically I can tell you it had shrimp tempura, avocado, and roe on it. The rest? I do not remember. Needless to say I ate it all and it was delicious.

We also ordered a bottle of riesling for the table, which was luckily on special for 27euros a bottle (very reasonable for this town). Wine is not something I typically think of when Japanese food comes to mind but whatever, I'll take it. None of us was particularly in the mood for sake, so wine is the next best thing (other than plum wine, which was also on the menu but not on can guess why we all went for this instead).

And for dessert? My favorite. The green tea panna cotta:

Just as gloriously smooth and velvety as last time. It had no pansy this time, which I was actually slightly relieved at, but it did have a little raspberry and some sort of berry, which was delightfully cut in half. My dinner mates tried to order a chocolate cake which was new on the menu, but alas it was so popular that they had run out of it! Instead profiteroles were ordered (something I've actually never really seen in person...they look like little cut cream puffs...I had oddly assumed they would look like cream-filled rolled up pancakes)...professions of disappointment were had. Sadness indeed.

But alas another delicious dinner was had at Domo, and service wasn't even that slow this time. I'd have to say, improvements since last time.

I did end up paying a whopping 38euros for my dinner (we split the wine, my 13euro eggplant, another 12euros for my sushi roll, and 6euros for the panna cotta), but it was worth it. 

Sigh, Helsinki. You rip me of my money, but for the sake of good dinner company and the feeling of fullness...I'll pay.

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