Monday, October 15, 2012

More Towards Nothing

...a photo gallery.

Literally, that's what this photo exhibit was called. And it was brilliant.

One of these weekends I finally got off my lazy bum and instead of spending the afternoon recuperating on the couch with a book or a movie (something I love to do because Fridays and Saturdays are usually quite planned and spent "out," whatever that may mean for that given weekend), I went to do something I'd been meaning to do: see something in the city.

This particular weekend I went to a photo exhibit that was open free to the public called, "Helsinki: More Towards Nothing."

I still love the title just for what it is.

There is a long description on the website, talking about this particular collection of photos, but basically it's this: "an exhibition showcasing some of the best photographs published on the Helsinki Street blog as well as works that have never been seen before. All the photographers involved in the collective share one thing in common: a fascination and love for Helsinki. Why go look for the exotic in other parts of the world when the exotic is right here. Helsinki Street wants to show us that, for a photographer, the most vivid experiences may well come from aimlessly wandering the streets of one’s own home city."

Plainspeak: photos of people around Helsinki doing common things.

The hilarious catch about these photos: they're taken from the most hilarious perspectives.

Take this as an example (apologies the photo is small, at the time I was dumb and didn't think to take pictures of the actual photos themselves...I was in polite company):

Absolutely hysterical! Just a guy, walking down the street, face planting into the sidewalk with suitcases. It was this photo alone and a glowing recommendation from a girlfriend that made me want to see this exhibit, and this was the last weekend to see it before it was closing and changing into something else, so I think you can see why I seized the opportunity.

There were some other classics as well, like drunk girls shielding themselves from the rain with their clutches, a man who looks headless because he's bending his head down to throw up against a wall (an extremely common site here), a car that looks like it has a beard and is smiling because it's covered in snow in just the right ways.

The exhibit was glorious. It made me see a side of Helsinki that I've always known was there. And yet never bothered to photograph. (Well, generally speaking I've failed at photographing this city at all, but if I were to, these would still be things I would somehow miss).

Here are some more examples (painfully stolen from the exhibit's website, again...apologies for the photographic fails):

The wonderful thing about seeing this, also, was that I recognized a lot of the places. I'm becoming that person. And that made me smile (both on the inside and the outside).

Really happy to have caught this exhibit while I had the chance. It was only up for a month and a half and it took me until the last weekend to get to it, but I'm glad I made the time, last minute though it was. My world would have been a slightly different place, having not seen it.

Thanks Helsinki, for showing me yet another side of yourself. :) I look forward to seeing more.

More Towards Nothing

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