Friday, October 5, 2012

Looking for a food Coma

So, despite my hosting score being up a few points, when the opportunity to take JBL for dinner at Coma opened up, I seized it like a housewife jumping for that Black Friday sale on Tickle Me Elmos at Walmart. I wasn't wasting any opportunity to take someone (especially someone who appreciates good food) to my favorite restaurant. YES random foodie visitor, you will definitely see what Finland has to offer (btw this is only the casual version of what Finland has to offer...if I'd had real time to prepare we'd be going to places like Kuurna...but I digress).

It was actually a little different than I remembered - they had redecorated, but it was still just as cute. Whoever does their interior decorating, I need to talk to them to get some ideas for my apartment. Adorable clutter would be the keywords here, and I absolutely love it.

As we sat down in the back for a dimly-lit experience, I reminisced about the last time I had been here (bday dinner with my parents). Glorious memories abound, we scanned the menu and made our picks. I went with the suggestion of our waiter (same guy, who even remembered where my parents and I sat last time and our positions at the table...which is super impressive considering we were there four months before) and JBL went with something equally delicious sans meat.

Nommers arrived at the table:

Seafood pasta with mussels, scallops, and shrimps? Uh, hells yeah. All incredibly fresh.

I'm one of those people, unfortunately, who get a bit squeamish around mussels/clams, should they not be cooked exactly right or be not of the freshest variety. Bigot though this may make me, they just freak me out if they are too sandy or somehow cling to their sack-of-organ selves. Texture counts big time for these little suckers. It is, after all, just a tiny sack of innards. It better be of the freshest quality from the sea, otherwise I dunno what the hell I'm doing eating it. I understand that somehow my standards of this don't extend to everything (hell, I think aged beef is godly), but...whatever, just understand that sometimes, mussels and other sack-of-organ seafoods freak me out. Thankfully, this particular instance of it was incredible. Smooth, consistent, and all-around awesome. Thanks Coma, for making sure my first memorable experience of mussels in Helsinki was a delightful one, rather than a horrifying one. Makes a big difference to me.

The rest of this dish was heavenly, as one could expect - huge shrimp (always a plus), small pleasant scallops, and an extreme amount of cream and cheese sauce (always delicious). And a incredible amount of fresh parsley. Kind of like the dill of Finland, the equivalent of dill of America. Parsley. Tasty.

I didn't even get through half of this dish (though I ate as much of the seafood as possible since my fridge is retarded and seafood keeps terribly), but I did bring it home for some amazing leftovers later in the week. I believe JBL decimated his dish. Sorry, no pictures this time. Conversation and an indecent focus on wines clouded my otherwise already ridiculously bad photo-documentation skills.

And thus concluded an again-awesome experience at Coma. I'm happy to say it continued to dazzle and I'm thrilled that I live down the street from food glory. It's not as consistently open as Kuukuu (which I now consider a standby, as it's a block closer and probably a bit more accessible in several respects), but I do consider it a bit more special. Somehow, it just has that little sparkle that keeps it nostalgic, rather than commonplace.

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