Friday, October 26, 2012

Going to Brooklyn for coffee

...or chai, in this case, since I don't drink coffee. (Sorry, JBL).

After the most fulfilling meal I've had in months (read last entry on Burrito Love), me and the girls headed to one of the cutest spots in Helsinki: the Brooklyn Cafe.

This adorable little place was opened up by a pair of African American sisters from Brooklyn (obviously), and has been doing splendidly well since its grand opening almost a year ago. Apparently they opened it based off of a love for coffee, cake, and chocolate (all good reasons to open a coffee shop, according to what is sold there).

Wanting a place to sit, talk, and enjoy some cupcakes that had been purchased earlier in the day by American J at Mormor Cupcakes (such a sweetheart!), we gathered into this little cozy place and found a hilarious place to fit our group: split amongst the table in the window (and I do mean in the window, since Hong Kong P and I were literally sitting on cushions at a table in the window) and next to the window.

A little awkward to say the least, but we made do. What we really wanted was to enjoy cupcakes and warm beverages (being another biting day in Helsinki, go figure), and with that mission accomplished, we commenced.

I, being the unfortunate non-coffee drinker of the group, ordered a chai latte and delighted in its falltime spices. Glory be the chai that is made with whole milk and fresh mixed spices! This was the perfect way to go..just look at that beauty!

The rest of the girls ordered lattes (of the normal variety), since that seems to be the standard here. We all commented how fresh and strong the drinks were - a toast to awesomeness!

And then the cupcakes came out. Look. At. That.

Being girls we cut them in half so people would be able to try more variety than one, and even being a non-lover of sweets, I found them cute and tasty. I had a half of the pink one (surprisingly not that sweet, but instead creamy and nostalgic), and part of the white-frosted one on the bottom left (which was oddly, lemon meringue...would not have guessed that).

As we sipped and snacked, I looked around at this adorable coffee shop, imagining that I was somewhere else other than Helsinki. It's not that hard to do, given the decor of the place:

According to Hong Kong P, Helsinki is becoming the new Berlin. I wonder who is saying that...

Anyway, it was wonderful to be somewhere absolutely new. Several new places that day, actually. It did feel like another city, not that I had a problem with the city the way it normally is.

This has actually pushed all of us to explore more new places, more often. Despite it being expensive, I think it would be worth it to see what Helsinki really has to offer.

I'm pretty sure it's going to be beautiful.

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