Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Definition: Spreckled

This topic of conversation came up last time I was home I believe. What is the definition of "spreckled" and is it in fact a word?

Generally speaking, no, it's not considered a real word in the English language.

"Speckled" is, but "spreckled" is not.

Let me explain.

I chose "spreckled" for many reasons.

First and foremost, because it seemed easier and smoother to say, rather than speckled. Somehow speckled gets caught in the mouth and spreckled seems to flow off the tongue. I like it better.

After having that conversation with my family though, I looked it up. It appears that symbolically, I had chosen a very interesting word.

When this word, "spreckled" is used, it apparently means mottled, stained, dirty. Sometimes it refers to the little bits of dirt that get caught (for example between a cat's paws when they are trying to clean themselves, the description being, "the cat tried to lick the spreckles from between her paws").

According to urban dictionary (one of my favorite sources of reference), it refers to the pieces of spit that fly from a person's mouth when they speak, especially when angry.

So if we put this into imagery, I'm a stained hen that's been yelled at.

I guess that's somehow fitting, haha.

And here I'd been imagining some sort of country hen walking around with boots on this entire time. Who would have thought!

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