Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Update: The Doritos are gone

Yes, it's true, I finished the bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos in...5 days.

That's actually pretty good, considering. You could look at it as holding out for 5 whole days, rather than snarfing the entire thing in less than a week. It's all about perspective.

There were entire days where I didn't eat a single chip...I...wait, no, that's actually a falsity. Sorry, redact that statement.

Anyway, it was good. Nay, it was fantastic. I didn't even get indigestion this time. And my LGN plan wasn't even derailed by that much. I just ran a little more yesterday and I felt right as rain...which was good, because it started pouring again last night, despite the awesome weather we had over the weekend.

Ah, taste of America...guess I'll just have to wait another several months until I taste you again. Or until I break down and buy a ridiculously expensive version of you at the supermarket. But I know it won't taste the same...since I'll know you're not technically the real thing.

Thanks again, Canadian M...for making me feel the little joys of home, here in Finland.

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