Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Toasty McToasterson

That's what I officially name this dish, instead of its real name. Which is realistically, skagen toast.

Traditional to the core and available at basically every restaurant you sit down in, I actually took my sweet time (nearly 5 months) to get around to trying this. And man, I should have tried it sooner.

It was delightful!

Imagine a perfectly toasted piece of bread - crispy on the outside, but thin, so just the thinnest part of the inner bread is still soft.

This perfect piece of toast is then layered with crayfish, mayo, dill, onions, and whatever else they make this magnificent cream out of. I'm pretty sure I've bought it from the deli at S Market, but thought it was just a delicious creamy seafood salad (meaning I was probably a fatass and ate it by itself). I'm also pretty sure you can buy it in every refrigerated section of every supermarket I've been to. And now I'm pretty sure I am going to buy it every time I'm grocery shopping.

Nuff said.

While eating said toasty mctoasterson, I was lucky enough to be eating out with my girlfriends at a restaurant (Primula) that offered excellent wines as well. One of which British F had had before and heartily recommended. So we ordered a bottle and had a merry time:

Glorious wine. Subtle in all the right ways and warming to the soul. I've not really had many good wines since I've come here (Alko tends to have a midrange selection - both in flavor and in price), so this was a rare treat. It wasn't even that expensive - 40euros a bottle. Very affordable.

Needless to say even after the bottle was finished, a few of us still bought individual glasses (rather than buying another entire bottle).

Ah, good eats Helsinki. You are so very rare and usually expensive.  But I do enjoy you, so, keep 'em coming.

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