Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The taste of America

Recently my friend Canadian M came back from his month-long trip to Canada and the States. What did he bring back for me as a special treat?

Wait for it...

The holy mecca of States snacks. Something I know I will likely finish in the next three days despite horrible bouts of indigestion and a complete halt to my LGN plan...


Freakin' Nacho Cheese Doritos.

Yes, that unholy of holy snacks. God I love these things.

He once presented me with an open bag of Cooler Ranch Doritos (of the same size) as a thank you present for something I did for him and I inhaled them in less than two days (hence the historical reference to indigestion and horrid bloating due to over consumption of sodium).

Salty savory snacks are my eternal weakness. Nachos are just a subset of this category. Nacho cheese flavored snacks...uuuugggghhh...so dangerous.

I tried for as long as I could, to resist opening this bag...but...well, I only made it a few hours before tearing open the damned thing.

I can't help it! It's the taste of utter chemically-researched glory. I know this was engineered to be my best flavor friend. And man does it remind me of home. Glorious, delicious, savory home.

He even stressed to me that he had brought me a bag from the States, not Canada. Apparently there is indeed a difference. As a joke I said that it's because ours is made with more corn. And likely partially hydrogenated soybean oil. No one got my joke, but I still laughed.

Anyway...I will now be spending the weekend trying to keep myself from tearing this bag apart and then licking the insides of what I know will be a few steps backward in my LGN plan. But then again, everything in moderation including moderation, right? ^_~

Thanks Canadian M, for reminding me how delicious home really is.

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