Monday, August 6, 2012

The electronic sound of winning

You know what happens when you buy a three-day ticket to an awesome electronica festival in the middle of the summer? You end up only going to one of the days.

Such was the story of my life last weekend. Wonderfully though, I have no complaints about this, despite the ridiculous amount of money I spent only going that one day.

Here are my reasons:

  1. I bought this ticket before knowing most of the friends I hang out with now. Therefore my decision was based solely on the fact that I would be spending my summer with who knows who, and maybe I would need to fill my time. Hence, three days bought.
  2. My friends ended up buying two-day tickets, so I knew almost immediately that I might be dropping one of the days. I could go alone, which I had no problems with, but we soon made other plans for the night they didn't have a ticket...and which would I really rather do - spend time with people I love or go see a DJ? Uh, yeah.
  3. The first of the two days that my friends and I did actually have tickets for, we met some new excellent friends for a picnic...and then never made it to the festival. Sometimes good friends having good times, are good friends having good times. Oh, and we got stuck in a flash rainstorm/thunderstorm. 
  4. Turns out we lucked out anyway, because the day we did go still had the people we relatively wanted to see (if we were going to prioritize the thing). We even saw our coworker (who is a sound designer by day, underground DJ by night) play his set by accident. Excellent.
  5. Generally speaking the price of going one day was 49euros. The price of going two days was 70euros. And the price of going three days? 90euros. And that's if you bought in advance (which I did). If you bought at the door the prices skyrocketed to 60, 85, 120, respectively. So who really lost out, really? I paid for the freedom of going when I wanted and having one of the best weekends I've had here in Helsinki since moving. Boom, win on all sides.
And so, without further ado, I present to you the one photo I really took during Summer Sound. Yes, I was that lazy photographer who forgot to document almost anything (go figure). But yes, the festival was amazing and I'm glad we did make it to that one day. Armin van Buuren was amazing, so was our coworker DJ Orkidea, Avicii, and Lange. I was dancing too much to take pictures of anyone but Lange, so here you go:

Festival number two of the summer, down. Two more to go (two weekends in a row, starting next weekend). We're looking good for the summertime. :)

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