Monday, August 20, 2012

Horse food attempt #2

So I was shopping this past weekend and...after some serious thought and browsing...decided to give this whole cold cereal thing another chance.

Why, you ask? Especially after my neutral-to-slightly-negative response last time?

Well, generally speaking there are a few reasons. I will outline them here.

  1. Cold cereal actually isn't all that bad. In fact, I think it's alright. That's not high praise, naturally, but generally speaking, I'd eat it if it were around...which is what happened last time.
  2. I've been losing weight at an astonishing rate, since my LGN plan has started (probably the increased exercise and better eating habits), so I actually do need something highly caloric around to eat on a regular basis.
  3. There is a serious lack of convenient food available in this country, and cereal is about as convenient as it gets (sad, I know).
  4. I looked really hard at the packages and I think I'm smart enough now to figure out at least one or two types that I may like (YES experience may win out again).
So, because of these reasons, I decided to give it a go again. Seems logical, right?

The outcome: mixed...though it was not particularly the cereal's fault.

So I went to the grocery store (this time the Alepa near my apartment...I was too curious and too lazy to travel all the way back to my normal Lidl) with high hopes and stood in the cereal area for a good 10 minutes before making my choice.

I studied the packages like an archaeologist searching for clues to a lost civilization, and at last I selected one that looked as though it fit my criteria: once again a muesli (gotta be high calorie and healthy), had hella dried fruit (raisins, papaya, and banana chips...gotta get the sweet), and looked like it contained none of the loathed nuts. Looked very promising. Promising indeed.

I also picked up a liter of milk (after much debate, since I had forgotten the words for normal I knew "maito" was milk but I was faced with six different varieties at this store and knowing the differences between them without the normal helpful percentages, i.e. "1%"/"1.5%" took me a long time) and with a few other items for sustenance, made my way home with my bounty.

Upon opening said package, it still looked pretty good:

No nuts, as I had hoped. A decent amount of fruit, though unfortunately not as luxury as the last mix I had bought. Overall it seemed a decent choice so far.

I poured in some milk from my last carton, and took my first spoonful.



I took another bite.

Still bitter.

What the hell was going on?

I smelled the bowl, wondering if something was bad. But alas I had put on some scented lotion earlier in the day and that was all I could smell.

So I drank some of the milk from the bowl by itself.

This is where I will fully admit that I'm a botard. Being one of the many adults in this world who does not buy, drink, or consume fresh milk on a regular basis, I failed to do one of the most basic things in the world - check the expiration date on the carton.

I quickly opened the fridge to verify what I knew already to be true - my milk had expired more than a week ago.

The reason I couldn't smell it? The scent of my lotion was too strong.

Absolutely disgusted with myself, I dumped out the milk from my cereal and dumped the cereal in the trash.

Sigh, this was going well. Already wasted a cup of cereal due to my own stupidity.

Luckily I had bought a fresh carton of milk at the grocery store (no matter that it took me forever to figure out which one to buy).

And started again.

This time? Success. Or at least my milk wasn't bad.

The cereal itself was fine - no nuts, as promised. The fruit was sweet and good, as it should have been. It could be crunchier, since the oats in this one are a bit soft...but on a whole this will do. I now have an entire kilo of horse food to keep me sustained at night and during various weekend days. I shouldn't starve out of inconvenience anymore...or at least not for awhile.

Moral of this story? Don't wear heavily scented lotions if you want to smell if your food has gone bad.

Oh, and check the expiration dates on your milk cartons regularly.

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