Wednesday, August 22, 2012

For the love of potato patties

In my quest for convenience food I scoured the frozen section of Alepa last time I was there to see if I could find something easy to make that didn't require me dirtying any more dishes than necessary.

Frozen burritos? Instant ramen? Maybe some easy microwave meals?

The answer? Generally speaking a resounding no.

They did have some frozen fish sticks (not a huge fan of those, even in the worst of times) and generally speaking a lot of french fry variants...but without my microwave oven (which I unfortunately did not ship with me), it's a bit of a pain to make.

A bit defeated, I bought nothing.

Later, I was checking out my fridge and freezer, scrounging around for something to eat and I rediscovered something I had bought a few months before and previously forgotten and/or saved (depends on how you look at it, really).

Potato patties!

Hilariously none of the instructions are in English (which is by no means a surprise, since I have yet to see almost anything in English), but they're not even in Swedish far as I can tell. They do come in Russian though...which helps me not.

Anyway, after some serious debating and staring at the unhelpful wording on the back, I decided that I was too lazy to heat up the oven just for a couple of potato patties and so popped a few on a plate and nuked them (i.e. put them in the microwave).

The prognosis?

Complete and utter success.

Not as crispy as say, a McDonald's hashbrown (or crispy at all, for that matter), but pretty delicious. Instead of being plain potato, these things actually have little bits of onion and seasoning in them, much to my elated surprise. They're really good!

YES on frozen food convenience success. Finally, something I can make without needing to do almost anything.

Very dec. Something I will definitely buying again in the future, if I can remember where I bought them (likely S Market). Clearly a product worth looking into again though, should I ever find it.

There may be hope for the frozen food industry here after all.

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