Friday, August 3, 2012

Domo Arigato, Helsinki

Another attempt at Japanese food in Helsinki.

After a full session at the sauna (rejuvenating after work with one of my girlfriends, Hong Kong P), we were starving and in some major need of sustenance. Having some major cravings for Asian fare we decided that it needed to be either Chinese or Japanese, since the only other type of Asian available in this town is Thai, and needless to's alright. You can also, if you take the metro for 35 minutes, get a semblance of Vietnamese, but's not really Vietnamese. I've also heard rumor of a single Korean restaurant somewhere in Kallio (the trendy college student district), but all of my Korean friends here shun it. Nuff said.

Needless to say...I miss California the most when it comes to things like this. Pho, banh mi, dein mein, real char siu, bulgogi, drunken noodles...ah, all my lovelies...why are you so impossible to get here?

Anyway, we decided on Japanese after a short debate since the Chinese we've had is mostly subpar.

So we walked a bit into town and went to Domo, a Japanese restaurant Hong Kong P enjoys because it makes things other than sushi really well...and when you're hungry, sushi is not the thing.

Since we were starving and needed to wait for another friend, we ordered appetizers in the meantime. I ordered, naturally, the only thing on the menu that had avocados...and resembled nachos (see a running trend here?).

Deep fried sheets of nori (seaweed) with a mixture of shrimp, avocado, and roe. Truth? Delicious. Not enough food, and took way too long to get to my stomach. Even though we ordered the appetizers before our friend arrived (which was a good 25 minutes), the food didn't arrive until well after our friend (meaning we were sitting there for at least 40 minutes).

The food was fresh when it arrived so it wasn't that it was sitting in the kitchen waiting to be served (plus my Hong Kong P is friends with all of the servers), so...yeah. I'd heard that service was notoriously bad in Finland, but damn.

We then quickly ordered entrees, not wanting to wait any longer (but needing to do so anyway). I got the chicken marinated in soy and ginger. Also heavenly.

Rice was unfortunately an extra charge. ~_~ But whatever, too hungry to care and the food was too tasty for my complaints about the otherwise nonexistent cooking that was happening. Plus the chicken was actually all dark meat (something I constantly mumble about in the US - for whatever reason companies think that we all want all-white meat...wrong Corporate...wrong).

Lightly battered and cooked to perfection was this chicken. And magma hot on the inside (meaning it was literally taken out of the deep fryer and passed to me). Fantastic. Very awesome. Just what I needed after sweating all the toxins out of my body. Retoxification.

And to top it all off, because really, this wasn't a lot of food and I was starving from the beginning, a godly dessert. Something I never do, because I care not for sweet foods. But this one I just couldn't resist. I've also found a recent love in panna cottas. And I've always loved green tea desserts of all kinds. The mecca of them both: green tea panna cotta:

And look how adorable it is! Strawberry was perfectly ripe and it was dripping with the purest honey I'd had in a long time. Silky smooth and a wonderful way to round out an extremely long but satisfying meal. (No, I didn't eat the pansy).

Hong Kong P on the other hand, decided to order another appetizer for dessert because she was still hungry...she also ate the rest of our other friend's entree. Hilarious. Well, it's not like the portions here are large, so can't blame her. Luckily our other friend had already eaten before so he didn't complain. And he's too much of a gentleman to ever do so anyway. :)

So in conclusion: another eating success in Helsinki, though expensive once again. This little three-course meal cost me a whopping 28euros. Extremely high quality and delicious, sure, but jeez. This is why no one eats out. I will continue to save my money and eat my horse food at home. ~_~ Oye.

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  1. Wow that is pricey. I'm a bit more lucky price-wise here in Spain, but still haven't tried Japanese food here. Maybe we will one day soon.