Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And it's just keeps Flowing and Flowing...

Since Friday was so freezing, most of us came doubly prepared the next day, expecting the potential worse. Also, since we were going to be there so much longer (from say, 4pm - 2am instead of 7pm - 2am), we didn't want to take any chances. I bit the bullet and decided I wasn't past wearing a peacoat in August. So that is what I did. (I had freaked out on Friday and decided to just wear a thick sweatshirt...this was a terrible idea in hindsight).

Luckily, the weather was better on Saturday - we actually got some sunshine! And it continued to improve throughout the weekend (we actually got to "warm" by Sunday). The coat was still necessary, but most of us weren't forced to dance or otherwise make friends with strangers just to keep warm.

It was another day full to the brim with music, though admittedly the line up was not as good as the previous day. Still, we managed to squeeze in quite a lot: Just Paha DJs, Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators (from the States and Finland), Roberto Rodriguez, Mika Snickars (a really awful retro DJ that happened to start right after Roberto Rodriguez), Horace Andy & Dub Asante, Nicolas Jaar, Saint Etienne, and The Black Keys.

Naturally the ones I gravitated to were Saint Etienne and The Black Keys.

Saint Etienne was fine live, though admittedly I was expecting a bit more. Somehow it didn't translate well on stage.

The Black Keys, on the other hand, completely rocked. I danced to their entire set and it was awesome. Adding them to my to-buy list as well.

Unfortunately I was dancing so hard that I forgot to take pictures, but by this point I'm pretty sure you know what the main stage looks like, and I pretty much stood in the same spot each time (so our group could always find each other, even in the crowd), so you get the idea.

This was also the first day where I broke down and bought food. Tons of restaurants were representing at Flow and all of them were pretty awesome. My girl Hong Kong P purposefully didn't eat ahead of time so she could eat 4-5 meals a day and try them all. By the end her mission was accomplished. I was duly impressed. Especially since most things were anywhere from 10-12euros each and were the size of very small appetizers. But to each his own, and good on her for putting food high on the priority list (something I need to relearn to do).

What did I break down for, you ask? Vietnamese spring rolls. God I miss Asian food. Strangely enough it came from a food tent called Tokyo Girl (awkward, I know), but it was pretty good. I opted for the tofu version instead of salmon, not wanting to mix two things I think should vaguely stay away from each other (and wanting to go more traditional), but after trying Hong Kong P's salmon version, it was clear I had made a mistake.

Again, no pictures, since it takes many hands to eat things while standing up, edging through crowds, juggling your drink, dancing, and listening to music, so you'll have to excuse the lack of record again. But generally speaking they looked like normal spring rolls - nothing special, visually.

We ended the night grooving out to the sweet beats of Lauri Soini, a Finnish DJ spinning in the Nokia Lounge. Crowded though it was, we had a good time, and ended up closing out the festival at 1:30am. (Btw most of my Finnish friends were complaining how early this was - apparently last year most of the last sets went until 3am...apparently someone must have put a noise ordinance out this lame).

Anyway, end of Day 2. Exhausting once again, but so much fun.

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