Thursday, August 9, 2012

Actual sunbathing

This weekend it actually got fairly warm. We're talking like...21-23 degrees C. That's pretty dec. The most dec we've had all summer.

Since I was feeling kind of down and I had no real plans, my girlfriend German K and I decided it was high time we used the beach near our respective apartments and do some serious sunbathing. Soak up some much needed vitamin D.

A few months back when my sister was visiting me, I found myself in a very embarrassing situation. As we were walking to dinner one of the nights, she looked down at my legs and said, "are you wearing nylons?", "no," I replied, "...why?", "because your legs are so pale!".

Oh yes, I'd become ghostly white. I don't know how it happens, but something in the air or the water, or something makes your skin actually get more pale here. This is an observed fact. Evidence to support:

  1. Finns are always extremely pale.
  2. The people who aren't Finns who have been living here for any amount of time have become deathly pale.
  3. Anyone who isn't from here who goes back home gets comments on how pale they are.
  4. My feet do in fact, look slightly cadaver-like.
Anyway, because of all these reasons, the beach is where we headed. Two days in a row. For some serious sunbathing.

Luckily this beach is only about 10 minutes walk from us, and is actually a sand beach. And is actually pretty clean. I consider this a win in many ways. But since the weather has been so bad lately and other factors...I wasn't able to take advantage of this until this weekend.

True to form I'm lame and forgot to take pictures, so you'll just have to bear with me. This is a picture from Google Maps of the beach we were at:

It is a lovely beach.

And I did in fact go into the water (which is the Sea of Finland). It was cold. I was a wimp because it was windy, and only went up to my knees. But I can say that I have been in the Sea of Finland now. And that's something. One of these days I will actually swim in it, since it's one of my life goals to swim in every ocean.

I found out a fun fact as well - remember that hilarious wooden proxy of myself I found on Suomenlinna? The seagull on the post wearing boots? Apparently this is what they put up to symbolize when there is a lifeguard on (or not on) duty. The seagull means there is someone on duty. Learn something new everyday. Apparently I mean safety. :)

Anyhoo, after two days of sunning myself I finally look like a sort of normal person again. Well, slightly. I look like I do normally in the wintertime in California. You do what you can, I guess.

Sure did feel good getting out in the sun after all these months!

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