Tuesday, July 17, 2012

tSH goes to Sweden!

To visit her friend, Sweden!

All the things people tell you about Stockholm are completely true. It really is a beautiful city filled with gorgeous architecture, friendly people, and wonderful, wonderful shopping. Yes, it's just as expensive as Finland (relatively speaking), but man do they get stuff there that Finland will never see in its lifetime. Why, you ask? Because their people will actually buy/wear/use it! Conservative is not a word anyone would ever use to describe the Swedish, and good on them for it.

But I digress. You may ask what I did during my glorious weekend in Stockholm. A few words (and most likely the entries I will write about): city sights, cathedrals, Burger King (YES), summer cottage, and shopping, glorious shopping.

This entry will be about the city sights. Stockholm is one gorgeous city. Sweden, with its lush and victoriously rich and wealthy history, definitely lets it show (though politely not in an overly ostentatious way), and its city shines all the brighter for it. Here is a smattering of some of the things I saw, and hopefully you will think it just as beautiful as I did.

Gorgeous view from Sweden's apartment. Luckily the forecast was totally wrong and we got almost no rain during the weekend. In your eye, weatherman!

Walking around the city.

My favorite cityscape from the trip. This narrow alleyway is somewhere near the Old Town.

This is a snapshot of what Stockholm is like. Naturally there are many more things to see, but I was so jazzed by the city I wasn't taking photos a lot of the time. Forgive me, and go see it for yourself. :)

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