Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The sweet taste of Burger King

When I went to Scotland a few weeks back I told my friend British A that I wanted Burger King. BK, unfortunately, is one of the types of fast food (of many, many types) that didn't make it to Finland. Apparently BK went to Finland, did its whatever market study, and decided that it just wasn't worth the investment of opening restaurants there. So, because of some marketing hotshot, I have to live without Burger King for my foreseeable days.

...unless I visit other countries.

Unfortunately when I went to Scotland, British A shamed me into agreeing that since I was in Scotland, I should have Scottish food. Now, I absolutely and totally agree with this. Under normal circumstances I completely agree with having the local food and cuisines in order to fully experience a local culture. 

However. It's been about 3+ months since I moved to Finland, and it was at least a month or two before then since I'd had Burger King. And nothing makes you want something like when you can't have it. The lack of choice makes it even worse. And the BK Whopper is my absolute favorite burger in this world (well, from fast food places, anyway).

So when I went to Sweden, another glorious country that decided it was a good...nay, fabulous idea to get Burger King to invest in them, I insisted. And luckily my friend Sweden was more than obliging. Our first night out, what did we have for our late night snack? Oh yeah, we totally went for Burger King.


Glorious, glorious Burger King.

I, of course, ordered my dream Whopper. I also got onion rings (which hilariously come in 6 and 9 ring sizes...totally unheard of in the States, where you can order medium, large and one counts odd), a small Fanta, and Sweden got a large fries (which looked oddly small to me). We also ordered bernaise sauce and something hilarious called hot cheese sauce. They mysteriously were lack of my favorite sauce of choice: honey mustard. Disappointing, but I figured I would try something new (the hot cheese sauce looked a lot like my second favorite thing in the world: nacho cheese).

Onion rings? Taste-wise they were similar to the ones I'd had back at home but they were less crispy and had a lot more dough, some of which was slightly undercooked. All in all not bad, but not what I was used to. They were also slightly bigger (like bigger rings in general, though the same general width), which was also surprising.

The hot cheese sauce was indeed a variation of nacho cheese - more delicious than any nacho cheese I'd had in Finland, at least. It actually had a little bit of spice in it! I was pleasantly surprised. :)

The fries were really good, as BK fries always are. :) They, paired with the bernaise sauce, were a big hit. I can see why Sweden always gets this combination. The bernaise itself was like a creamy sweet mayo with spices in it.

And now for the main show, the Whopper.

Beautiful out of its wrapper, I was so excited. Sweden said she'd never seen someone so enthralled by a burger before. Clearly she's never seen someone half-starved and mad with craving. 

And is tradition with me and Whoppers (just Whoppers), I cut it into my traditional quarters before digging in:

And man was it good. Just as good as in the States. This one might have tasted even slightly better, but that's because I hadn't had it in such a long time. There was nothing different about this one - it had everything it would normally have...nothing regionally different or special. Same delicious flame-broiled patty. Same mayo. Same lettuce, onion, tomato combo. Glorious.

And so I finished, half an hour later, feeling more satiated than I had in a long long time. There is nothing like filling a craving you've been having for months.

It is true that I did pay out of the nose for it - all of the things we ordered came to a whopping 131 kronor (about 13euros, which is about $17 for a burger, 6 onion rings, fries, 2 drinks and 2 sauces - the sauces aren't free here). But so worth it. Always worth it. I used to scoff at the fact that Norway charges close to $20 for a Whopper value meal. Now I'm starting to think that I would probably pay it anyway. It is that good. And they know it.

And so I am satiated for now. I think I can now go another 5 months until my next taste. :)


  1. Have you had Fanta orange in a can or a bottle in Europe? It tastes different than the one in the States. Closer to Orangina than Sunkist/Orange soda. I love it! :D

    1. I totally have had Fanta orange from a bottle but it's been awhile. Mostly they serve it from a fountain here in the north - it's still delicious and a bit different from that in the States. I don't think it's like what you're describing though. I'll have to buy some and compare! :D