Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More local McDonalds adventures

I just can't stay away from McDonalds here. It wasn't even the drunchies this time, it was just plain hunger and cheapness kicking in.

A few friends and I were out celebrating the graduation of another friend (Hungarian Z) when a small group of us (Finnish J and British D) decided that we should probably go out to get something to eat before this went any further. So where did we go? Why, to the local Mickey D's of course!

Conveniently located down the block from our favorite bar, Teerenpeli, we strolled to the local prepubescent hot spot and put in our orders. What did I try this time, you ask? Why, the El Maco Jr.!

Yes, that is actually what it is called. It's on special right now, for 2euros a pop.

This, combined with my small fries, came out to a nice even 3.50euros. Not too shabby considering a McChicken costs about that much by itself (ridiculous, I know).

Something I didn't notice before since this was my first time actually eating in the McDonalds (and not just stumbling away with it in my hands (they don't always give you a bag, even when you ask for take away)) - they don't charge you eating-in tax. How nice!

Anyway, back to the sandwich. Upon first inspection, rather messy construction...something I've noticed as rather universal regarding McDonalds burgers:

Despite that though, it somehow doesn't detract from the overall appeal of their burger line. For whatever reason whenever one unwraps their burgers, this messiness doesn't mean it's low quality. Or that you don't want to eat it. I'm assuming this is because as soon as you unwrap it, you are completely and utterly engulfed by the chemically engineered smell of delicious. Oh yes, it was definitely engineered to make you think "delicious." And they're usually not wrong.

Now, I had no idea what to particularly expect with the El Maco Jr. They didn't do a good job in their advertising campaign to tell me what exactly this burger was supposed to provide me with, unlike the Nacho Jr. (though of course that was flagrant false advertising, since there was in fact, nothing particularly "nacho" about that burger).

What I discovered, upon biting into said burger, was that it was another Finnish-ized Mexi-burger:

Mayo, lettuce, tomato, slice of cheese, and...mild taco sauce. Like the kind you would get from Taco Bell.

Ohhh, I get it. El Maco in "The Mac Jr." in "Spanish." Got it, got it.

Took me eating the burger to understand what it was supposed to be. Clearly their ad campaign was a failure.

The burger itself was tasty enough, and definitely soothed my hunger, but it didn't convince me that I needed to have it again. Worth experiencing once, but not a winner for reruns. Since I didn't have any expectations (since I didn't know what it was about in the first place), it wasn't a disappointment.

And thus continues my saga of local McDonalds. Not bad, not bad (or as my sister would say, "not bread.").

I have noticed that Hesburger across the street has released a new burger that I am definitely interested in checking out though - the Arizona -ateria (not sure what this word means but I will find out). Two hamburger patties (sitting next to one another, not on top of one another), onion rings, what looks like chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, and the works on a sub bun. Looks tasty. Will need to be tried at another time.

As far as the Hesburger vs. McDonalds battle goes...not sure who is really winning. Nacho Jr.? Fail. Nacho Grande? Win. McChicken? Always a win. Megahampurlainen? Fail. El Maco Jr.? Meh. Need to try more of the Hesburger menu to get a good comparison.

And thus the battle continues.

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  1. I noticed that about the McChicken or McPollo/McPollastre here haha I can't believe it's 3 euro something for one, but you know a buck back in the states. oh well.