Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Just walking around town when...

So apparently when you live in a "big" city like Helsinki, sometimes when you're just walking around town you stumble onto amazing things that you didn't intend on seeing.

This happened to German K and I on Saturday evening while we were roaming the streets behind our neighborhood. She had just helped me lug four bags of clothing to a charity donation bin a few blocks away when we decided to go for a nice summer stroll (it was cloudy that day but whatever...it was a warm enough temperature and when you live in Finland, that's considered good enough).

We saw a lot of people walking towards what looked like a big free tourist event, so, being naturally curious, we followed the people there.

And lo and behold! We walked into the European Athletic Championship medal ceremonies. Literally.

Of course we knew the championships were happening in Helsinki right now (German K's grandmother had called her the other day while we were out to tell her she was watching them on her tv, and one of our friends is actually the host who is responsible for organizing where all of the athletes will be staying and making sure all of their needs are being taken care of), but jeebus, to walk into the medal ceremonies without at least being frisked by security? Unthought of!

We were even this close to being on tv because they panned over the audience each time one of the athlete's names was announced to see if they could find a fan from that particular country holding a flag. If we were ambitious we could have moved up and definitely made this a fact. But we decided not to be greedy and keep our distance.

Just goes to show, you never know what you'll find in this amazing city. Apparently one answer is your potential 15 minutes of fame on tv...by accident.

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