Friday, July 27, 2012

I am that Finnish neighbor

So here in Finland you get your mail delivered right to your door. Actually, to be technical, it gets delivered through your door. There is a little (well, actually it's quite large) slot in everyone's door and this is where the mail person comes every few days (not sure that it's actually everyday) and drops in mail. My post person delivers sometime in the early afternoon, usually around 2-3pm.

Likewise, this is where ads are delivered. I've seen these people hard at work before, carrying large bundles of newspapers or shiny grocery store ads. Their MO is to deliver as fast as possible and at the most inconvenient hours possible. This is why all Finnish apartments have inner and outer doors - so you can muffle the sound of heavy papers being dropped into your home. This is a fact, I am not making this up.

After being woken up and scared that someone was trying to break into my house at 3 or 4am over the past four months, I decided that I'd finally had enough.

I took my phone, opened the translator app, and went on a hunting trip in my apartment building to find the perfect Finnish words to express how I felt. And I found exactly what I was looking for:

"Ei mainoksia - kiitos."

Or, "No ads - please."

Armed with my bright purple permanent marker I crafted a beauty of a sign and gleefully secured it to the outside of my apartment door, knowing that I would no longer be woken up by scary newspaper drops in the middle of the night, wondering if someone was coming to rape me.

My next door neighbor saw me giggling with glee as I was taping the sign to my door, and I'm pretty sure he now thinks I'm slightly deranged. Or a closet drunk.

But whatever. I have secured my happiness. Now I just need to make a Finnish welcome sign. Already on the docket. :)

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