Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Finnish cereals

Or should I food.

For whatever reason, this past weekend while I was grocery shopping at Lidl, I decided I should invest in some cold cereal for my sustenance. Cold milk and sweetened cereal sounded like a perfect combination (considering how hot it's been lately...not), and so when I was done perusing the meats section (where nothing was purchased), I made my way to the cereals section and took a look at what my choices were.

The answer, at least at Lidl: not much. I could either go with the type of cereal where you give yourself a total body cleanse (i.e. grains with dried fruits and nuts), or I could eat kiddy cereals. And not of the fun Cinnamon Toast Crunch variety. You're lucky if you're getting Honey Nut Cheerios here. Nothing fruity. Or chocolaty, for that matter.

Not wanting to gyp myself in the nutritional department, I decided to be an adult and go with the grains. Something healthier, more bang for my buck (or euro, in this case), and more likely to last me a lot longer because I could only eat so much of this stuff before feeling like throwing up or being too full to consume any more. At least with the fruit I should get some semblance of sugaryness so I should have my bases covered.

Happy with my decision to make an adult choice, I bought my cereals (I decided to buy two - Fruit & Fibre and a luxury museli mix of some kind) and went on home to eat my bounty.

First observation upon opening the box of Fruit & Fibre - no, no sugar to be found. Those flakes? Definitely not sugared. Bland, bland as bland can be. We're not even talking the nuttiness of Raisin Bran. We're talking rabbit food status. Hard, thick, crunchy...flavorless.

Knowing that I was in for some hearty disappointment I decided to open my museli mix at the same time and eat a delicious bowl of both together. Hopefully the luxury mix of extreme fruit would help me down the extreme amount of fiber I was about to eat. I nibbled a little, to see what I was getting myself into. A hell of a lot of oates with some fruit and coconut shavings, but generally speaking okay.

...I sprinkled some sugar on just for good measure anyway (bad bad...I know ~_~).

The verdict: not bad, actually. Really grainy and oatey and really like eating animal food of some kind...but fairly alright considering the massive amount of dried fruit in it. The whole nuts in it were a little disconcerting but I dealt with it in stride.

The few times I've eaten it since have been a lot better, and more pleasurable. I've not even added sugar. :)

Now due to the name and relative reputation of cereals of this variety, I expected a complete evacuation of all other foods from my body the next day. But no. The colon cleanse didn't happen until two days later. And yes, it did happen. Fruit & Fibre, you do not lie.

In general my food interests come in cycles, and I think once these packages are finished my cereal cycle will be over for another several years (last time I ate cold cereal was probably more than 5 years ago...if not more). So I will enjoy this while I will. But bottomline: Finland, your cereal really could be better.

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