Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Virtual tour: where tSH plays design

Unfortunately I can’t give you a real tour of my work space as discussed previously, but I can give you a tour of one of our all-important design café. This is the place where all of our fabulous Friday catered design lunches occur (plus lectures on various smart designy/arty topics happen), as well as where I can get my awesome free fruit and organic juice every morning (should I remember and get there early enough). Thank you again, unknown higher-up design boss I have yet to recognize in the hallways.

It’s a shame that I didn’t take these pics a few weeks earlier as we had an exhibit up for the World Design Capital stuff that’s been going on this year (as some of you may not know, Helsinki is the World Capital of Design for 2012, hence why all of the design nerds are flocking here this year…me included in a weird way, I suppose…though I didn’t know about it until after I accepted the job).

Anyway, that stuff is gone now, and we have our full space back again (it was cool, but it’s a relief, especially for Friday lunches).

I live on the opposite side of the floor from the café, so it takes me scanning through two glass doors to get there, but every time I go I remember that the journey is always worth the destination.

It’s a gorgeous café – someone actually put some thought into it. Though it’s apparently gone downhill in recent years (something something wonder years previously…glory of design on the walls, gorgeous products, something of the sort), I still think it’s amazing, and it’s still the best café of the different floors out there.

We have weird fun chairs abound and great windows. In the winter when I arrived there was even a sunlight lamp – the only floor that bothered to buy one because we (including me) have user experience people who actually know the importance of keeping your people alive and healthy in a place that dips below the national average for happy people. Vitamin D, artificial or otherwise, is super important.

Because I work with the highest consumers of coffee in the world (fact), we of course have a fancy coffee machine that makes anything from fancy hot chocolate to espresso to lattes and cappuccinos of your favorite kind. It’s also one of the loudest and most annoying machines ever…but I might be biased since I don’t use it. :) And someone always invariably uses it when there’s someone giving a design lecture.

If you look outside the design café, we have beautiful views of the water. There is a hilarious boat out there that has been anchored there since the winter. In fact it was frozen in place because the sea froze and apparently it didn’t get the memo that most boats dry dock to avoid damage. There is a joke around the office that it belongs to a competitor company and they’re really spying on us. This is supported by the fact that sometime during the summer it always leaves for a month (the month that most Finns are gone for summer vacation anyway), but then it always promptly returns and anchors in the same place, to be frozen in for the winter again. Suspicious, I agree.

Overall we have something pretty sweet going on here though, not gonna lie. Whenever I’m feeling stressed out or just need to get away from work, this is a good place to go and just chill out. There is a foosball table as well, in case anyone feels like getting rowdy for a short while.
Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

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