Friday, June 29, 2012

Amendments to recent posts

Some amendments to recent (or nearly recent) posts:

Becoming a football fan
Alas, as soon as I say Germany may be the best team, they lose horrifically to Italy last night in an outstandingly bad show of 1-2, scoring their only goal on a penalty kick. ~_~ This may have been due to the bad juju caused by the loss of the flag pen (therefore no flags were drawn out on various body parts), but either Germany in the finals.

On a positive note though, since Germany won't be in the finals, we've decided to have a bbq at German T's house on Sunday for the finals since we will only be semi-watching the game. Good food and watching sports, galore! Back to my old ways, it seems.

You start becoming a Finn when...
More DFB has been observed on my part. Really Disturbing Finn Behavior. Particularly:

9. I walk in the rain without an umbrella and don't even care. 
Literally, could be pouring rain, and as long as I am wearing something with sleeves, I actually don't really care. It doesn't even need to be waterproof! Or have a hood! (Though that is still preferable). Geez, what is going on.

10. I have actually started to slightly enjoy the taste of salmiakki. 
LOL, as I wrote the word "salmiakki" here, spell-check highlighted it and suggested "salmonella" instead. But that's a whole other story. :) 

No, but really people, chewy salmiakki (or salmi-yucky, as some have referred to it), has actually started to taste alright to me. The other day I was in the middle of a call when my blood-sugar dropped drastically (this happens sometimes when I stay really late and do a crappy job of eating my lunch). When this happens I usually go downstairs for an emergency purchase of gummies from the vending machine near the large eating hall. Invariably these fruit gummies always come with a smattering of salmiakki. Something something Finland, get over it. This time though, I decided to give it another try. What the hell, right? It's sugar too...with chemical salt. And licorice. It actually...tasted alright. I won't say the word "good" because that would be overkill, but I didn't feel like throwing up. And that's something. Good god, what is this world coming to. O_O

(Sorry, maybe I should have clarified what salmiakki is first - it's salty black licorice candy that comes in various forms...a favorite of the Finns and other various Scandinavians/Europeans. Here is a wikipedia link for more information:


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