Thursday, June 28, 2012

Epic woolen cape from Tallinn

Apologies for the extremely long-awaited post on the woolen cape from Estonia, but alas, it took me this long to remember to bring out my camera while at home and snap pictures of it. (This is what happens when you get older and put things forget about them).

So, without further ado, I present you with the hooded woolen cape from Estonia:

It's true: I made my sister and myself spend an exorbitant amount of time searching for this cape. This exact cape. I'm a short person, so I require a cape of a certain length and depth, not to mention a hood size that is neither too small nor too large.

I tried children's capes, thinking this would solve my shortness problem, only to be confronted with other issues such as excruciatingly small hoods, or neck holes that were meant to kill me. Sigh, the problems of being that weird inbetween size (usually considered an advantage in this day-and-age).

But, after careful consideration and searching, we found the cape of wonder. We found the perfect cape. And it is glorious. 100% pure wool, knitted in the most intricate of designs, with very odd details that give it character.

Take, for example, the wooden buttons (very characteristic of Tallinn itself):

Or the fact (invisible in these pictures) that it does actually have arm holes, which you can decide to use, or not use. In other words: be a bat, or simply an octopus. Your choice. It's THAT awesome.

This woolen cape is so epic that even the hood fits perfectly, and even has the matching trim:

Yes, I have worn this around my apartment several times since I brought it back. Yes, I have every intention of wearing this at the most inappropriate times both at work and out in public. Yes, more than likely I will throw some sort of ridiculous party in which medieval dress is required or penalties will be incurred on guests not participating. Yes, I definitely will wear this during the winter while reading a fantasy book while listening to my medieval minstrels CD.

Pretty sure that's what this cape was made for. That, and watching Game of Thrones on my sofa. But that will have to wait until season 3.

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  1. Yay for the cape posting!! Awesome. I want one now too! :D