Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An addendum to tSH goes to the cinema

So I went and saw The Avengers in 3D at the cinema the week before last and unfortunately, I have a bone to pick with the Finnish cinema.

Despite the experience being just as lush and clean as it was the first time, there was one sticking point that I hadn't counted on - when the movies have scenes where actors are speaking in languages other than English. You see, normally when this happens in American movies they provide English subtitles. Problem solved, no hiccups. Unfortunately, in a country where there are already Finnish and Swedish subtitles at the bottom, this would equal three sets of subtitles. But instead of just leaving the English subtitles as is and adding Finnish and Swedish, they erase the English and put in the Finnish and Swedish as planned...which screws over the English speakers.

I was lucky enough to have gone with a Finnish girl this time, and even had the fortune to be sitting next to her, but alas sitting on the other side of her was her American fiance, so he got translation, as was his right. The line of telephone ended before it reached me. I figure it's probably better that way - by the time it reached me it might have reached "purple monkey dishwasher" proportions, so it's difficult to say how useful it would have been.

As it happens The Avengers has two different sections of "foreign language" speaking sections - one in Russian, and one in German, I believe. Neither of which I know, or could remotely figure out. Ah, well, I guess the Finnish cinema couldn't have it all.

Another hilarious tidbit - the 3D glasses. In an attempt to keep people from stealing them, and also to account for the horrendous percentage of people who wear glasses in this country (my theory still goes that it gets so cold here that 1) their naked eyeballs negatively suffer in the cold (i.e. we should wear goggles in the winter) and 2) wearing contact lenses is simply impossible/potentially harmful to one's eyeballs), they are gynormous. We're talking grandpa overshades at this point. Solar shields. It actually hurt to wear them for long periods of time they were so heavy.

But they did work and they did work well, and true to form no one stole them or had any thoughts of stealing them, I'm pretty sure. Then again this is a country where theft is pretty much nonexistent so this shouldn't be surprising (people leave their bikes unlocked sometimes...not sure if this is a drunken mistake or just public trust).

Anyhow, another pleasant experience at the cinema, though I wish I knew what happened in those two scenes...guess I'll have to wait for the DVD...

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