Thursday, May 31, 2012

When your friend is a chef...

When your friend is a chef you get cool perks like handmade French tarts at people's house parties. And amazing sauces, even if they're used for lame things like your leftover chicken nuggets. And quality barbequing on the biggest picnic day of the Finnish year.

But you also get amazing lunches. Maybe not for free, since that would be cheating your chef friend out of their livable income, but, well, seeing a friend do what they love and seeing them happy just to see you while at work, is good enough for me. And that's what I did, early last week. I went to see my chef friend French F, while he was cooking up a storm at work.

French F is a French chef. He's the only cook at a little bistro north of Helsinki, located in a cute little bourough off of one of the main tram lines. Getting there takes about 20-25 minutes, but boy oh boy is it worth it. Most of our friends are fortunate enough to get there for lunch every Friday. Since I get my lunches catered every Friday for free, courtesy of some design boss I have yet to meet in person but whom I now have ultimate respect for, unfortunately this is not something I partake in.

But be horrified not! For I did make it there eventually, and in good time, for what was in store for us (my sister was still in town at that moment) that day was...bbq ribs and a shrimp caesar salad. Yummers.

Crispy, crunchy...almost had me believing I was in California again. Oh how I miss salads...they're so hard to make here (because produce, although not being so exorbitant, I certainly not cheap). Taste of summer, you delight me! We even got to sit outside on the terrace because it was the first really nice day they'd had. Wonderful.

And lest we forget the main spotlight dish: the bbq ribs.

As per F's recommendation we ordered it, and he was not wrong (as I imagine chefs rarely are, espeically when it comes to their own food). The other entree of the day was a curry of some kind, but I have no idea what it was like (obviously it was not ordered).

Delicious slow cooked bbq ribs. Beef, as it happens. Tasty, with its own little salad.

No room for dessert (plus no time, since I had to skidaddle back to the office shortly after this), unfortunately, but I hear F makes a mean tarte tatin. Should be a regular thing on the menu shortly, or so I've heard.

So if any of you decide to come and visit me, and I actually have time on a weekday (since French F doesn't work on the weekends, like most Finns - he's French and interesting combination to say the least, but a sweet one nonetheless), I'll certainly have to take you here, so you can experience the glory that having a chef friend is.

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