Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vappu Memories: Vappu Eve

Here is a recounting of my Vappu activities, starting with Vappu Eve:

Monday afternoon/after work: I meet some friends to see the officious “hat” ceremony that starts off Vappu for every Finn. This involves putting a graduation hat (which looks oddly like a plain white sailor’s hat) on a particular statue near the harbor. Specially selected students are suspended from a crane and dangled 30 feet in the air to put this hat on this statue (it’s on top of a fountain…apparently in the past they used to have the students rush the fountain fully clothed…since then the crane has been instituted to stop the students from stripping naked afterwards). See picture:

I saw said hat ceremony and thought it was one of the funniest things I’d ever seen. First off, I was quite far away. So it was kind of hard to see when the hat actually went on, with all the students hovering around it. Apparently I wasn’t the only one in the crowd who was blinded, because it was very obvious the hat went on and no one really knew – some people in the front noticed and cheered, but overall the rest of the crowd was silent. It was the saddest whoop of triumph I had ever heard. Someone popping a bottle of champagne got more cheer than the hat. I chuckled. Eventually people noticed and cheered but it took two or three waves of cheering in order to get the crowd appropriately jazzed. Lol.

I then met some more friends so we could tram together to a friend’s Vappu house party. We eventually left so could watch the Manchester vs. Manchester United soccer game at a pub in the center of town. I incorrectly remembered the teams as “Guy vs. Guy City” because everyone had been abbreviating the teams as “Man vs. Man City.” Hey, it’s an easy mistake to make! (CLEARLY I know loads about soccer…football…whatever ~_~).

Catching more drinks at a bar ended my first day of celebration in the honor of Vappu. I had no idea what was coming the next was only the beginning...

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