Wednesday, May 23, 2012

tSH goes to Tallinn!

One of my sister’s requests while visiting me was that we go to Estonia for a little vacation. Since my bday happened to be a national holiday this year (woot woot!) I decided to take advantage and ask for an additional day off in order to make it so (Captain Picard would be so proud). Since I was working like a typewriting monkey the days before we were to leave, my sister did all of our booking and reservations (something I am incredibly grateful for), and away we went across the Baltic to Estonia. To Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, to be specific.

Most of what I had heard of Tallinn from my friends involved what to bring back from Tallinn. In the Land of Expense (LoE), one thinks now of other countries as places to reload on supplies, rather than merely vacation destinations. People give ratings of places not necessarily based on how great a vacation destination a location is, but rather, how inexpensive goods are and what things are good to buy there. Tallinn, as it happens, is a great place to load up on booze.

So this is the expectation that I went into Tallinn with – that it would be a land of relatively cheap goods, having only joined the Euro-users in the last five years, and that I would be bringing an entire suitcase full of alcohol back with me.

Wrong. What I found instead was a land of impeccable medieval awesomeness. A place where my inner (and very outer) nerd could celebrate my extreme love of Renaissance Faires without fear of utter embarrassment. My sister was not saved from this harm (“I’m with medieval-loving dork <-“ should have been her tshirt everyday), but I had a great time. And I daresay, at least with the food, so did she.

I will now be splitting up our adventures in Tallinn into many blog posts, so as not to overwhelm utterly and completely. Tallinn, prepare to be…immortalized.

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