Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The officious move of the spreckled hen

I will not be the last to admit that perhaps this move was a tad over-planned. But, having said that, it went extremely smoothly (as planned, har har), and things are now quite excellent in the new nest of the spreckled hen. Things are getting put in their rightful places and overall are really starting to shape up.

There was a bit of luck as well – despite the best organization and planning of all time, there were a few hitches that could have potentially ruined the whole thing, and yet, in the end, they managed to sort themselves out to perfection. First, my DSL was installed the day before we moved in – this was a real sticky point, because as we all know, no one feels like a real person unless they have high speed internet access ALL THE TIME. Without this “necessity of life,” things would have taken a serious dive (that’s only half joking). I had a backup plan of action, just in case (turn one of my phones into a wifi hotspot…oh the glory of technology), but luckily we didn’t have to go this route.

Second, the couch/guest futon arrived the night before. Despite ordering the most awesome sofa several weeks in advance, somehow the factory managed to run out of materials or something of this sort and delivery was delayed. There was much fingernail-biting on my mom’s end, and I, in turn, was designated the responsibility of hounding the furniture company everyday, sometimes several times a day, to get status updates. No couch would have meant no place for the parents to sleep. Emergency trips to Tallinn and the like would have been planned. But once again the Gnome of Fate smiled upon us and it was delivered at 7pm the night before we moved in. Phew!

Picture of the almost-offending futon couch in its delivered and completed glory:

More pictures of the actual apartment will come later, as things are still a tad messy for now. But rest assured, la casa de la spreckled hen will be open for visitors in the near future. :)

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