Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Localized McDonalds

So I only have a little bit of shame when I admit that for the past several weeks I've been stalking McDonalds. A week or so after I arrived, they put out a sign introducing a new burger they were putting on special...the Nacho Jr. Now, anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that I am absolutely batshit insane for nachos. It's just in my nature. You deprive someone of nacho cheese for the first 20 years of their life and this is what you end up with. I absolutely love nacho cheese. No arguments.

So when the announcement of this burger came out, I knew I had to have it.

Now, McDonalds is not a place that I generally frequent, especially since there is a wealth of other, real, cultural things to try. But since there is a serious deficiency of drunchies available at certain times of the night, McDonalds has become my standby, and I'm eating it more often than I care to admit (like maybe once every 3 weeks, or once a month, to be fair). Usually it's just a small fries or a McChicken, something small, because everything here is so expensive (just those items usually cost me somewhere around 3-5euros, so it's not like I'm rolling in the cheap eats or anything).

Anyhoo, last night I finally got the opportunity to try the coveted burger...I got to finally have...the Nacho Jr.:

Not much to look at in its wrapper, I agree, but now behold it in its true form:

That weird thing sticking out the right bottom corner? A tortilla chip. Oh yeah, they took this burger hilariously stereotypically serious. This thing is "Mexican," baby!

Cautiously I took my first bite, not sure what to expect:

Pretty tasty, as I had expected (I mean, what McDonalds burger have you had has not been scientifically tested and engineered to be amazingly tasty?), but not in the way I expected. I nommed further, searching for what I was desperately hoping was a mistake...

But alas no...NO CHEESE! No nacho cheese!!! I have been fooled by advertising! This Finnish-ized Nacho Jr. burger was nothing but a fraud! A poor attempt at Mexican-izing a burger that was well, anything but deliciously Hispanic. I will give them some credit - it did have a very Taco Bell-like hot sauce inside (not spicy, just spiced), and something resembling sour cream and mayo mixed together, but alas, no oh-so-desired nacho cheese. Le sigh.

To be honest it was still a tasty burger and I finished it feeling just fine, but I was disappointed. If you're going to name a burger Nacho Jr. and actually put tortilla chips in it you have to put the cheese least some sort of cheese. Or wait...if this is the Jr. version, is it that they are just setting me up for amazement with the real version of this burger? I.e. the McNacho? I could deal with that, to heal my wounds.

Anyway, the saga of the Nacho Jr. is over for now. 2euros well-spent though results could have been better. To give you a real rundown of what was inside: beef patty (though you could also get vegetarian or friend Canadian M got chicken by mistake and said it was really good), lettuce, onion, tortilla chips, hot sauce, and mayo/sour cream.

Till we meet again, Finnish McDonalds...

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