Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A knowing hiatus

This time, instead of apologizing after the fact, I figured I would warn everyone that I will in fact, be going on a hiatus for a few days.

As some of you very well know, or will soon know, my birthday is coming up (as previously mentioned in a prior post), so as such, festivities are planned, and I will be otherwise away from my computer and/or in a state where I should not be blogging (or at least anything that comes out of me will not be appropriate blog-worthy material). As such, I am going to take a few days' rest from posting to account for these plans.

To make up for my hiatus, I leave you with this amazing story of...NACHO SUCCESS! Please read on to find out how pleased I was to finally have found something to fulfill my nacho obsession.

Nacho, FTW.

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