Friday, May 4, 2012

I live down the street from FOOD GLORY

When we were originally scoping out apartments for rent, we walked around the neighborhoods to get a good sense of what it would be like to live in some such place. When we were walking around what is now my current neighborhood, one of the places we noticed, although it was closed at the time, was a little restaurant down the street called Coma.

Its menu was posted on the outside (luckily also in English), and we took a gander. Impressive fare at medium-to-high prices. We're talking things like fried duck liver with sherry sauce. Escargos with gorgonzola and garlic. Parmesan coated dover sole with butter sauce. Oh yeah, I was totally gonna check it out, and not in the far too distant future.

After I took the apartment and we moved in, my parents wanted to take me to dinner for my birthday, since they won't be here when the actual day comes, and eventually goes. Coma was the obvious choice, and we made the reservation.

Boy oh boy were we not disappointed. Adorably small, it looks like a house that's been converted into a restaurant ("ravintola" in Finnish, pronounced, "ra-veen-toe-la") and then dressed by someone who loves distressed Etsy finds. I was in love. But what I was more in love with...was the food and wine.

The Starters.

On the left is what we expected to be a salad, but what turned out to be a earthenware bowl of roasted veggie and cheese glory. Imagine eggplant, bell peppers, onions, and other yummy unidentifiables baked under a wedge of the creamiest baked goat cheese (with rind!) that you've ever had.

In the back is a little boat of assorted tapas: sundried tomatoes, marinated red bell peppers, little cubes of soft white cheese, salami, olive tapenade, stuffed grape leaves, and some marinated olives.

To the right is three bruschettas, baked to perfection. It had the most amazing pesto genovese and balsamic reduction underneath it, to accentuate the bell peppers and tomatoes baked under the cheese. All sprinkled with parsley on top.

The glory was only beginning.

The mains.

My dish, the top left, was a duck breast with honey and ginger. Pretty big portion, considering normal fancy-dinner portion sizes in Europe, and ten-der! It came with baked (yet still crispy) tart apple slices and some sort of corn-bread. Fresh rosemary garnished.

On the bottom is my dad's dish, an amazing salmon and asparagus risotto. It was surprisingly spicy and cleansing - they packed a ton of cilantro and something as yet unidentified into it, we couldn't quite figure it out. Rich as all heck, but amazing. None survived!

The top right, my mom's dish, was reindeer and morel pasta. I finally got to taste what reindeer is really like - a pure sample. It was different than I thought it would be - like a smoky, almost earthy version of ham. Really tasty, not at all gamy.

I washed down my dinner with a mystery white wine (recommended and provided by my hilarious server, who btw spoke German, English, Finnish, Arabic, and Italian...just to name a few...there were more that I forget), which was later revealed to be a 2010 Sancerre from France. Amazingly well-balanced, slightly buttery with a very fruity smell. Great wine - will be seeking it out at Alko next time I'm there.

Amazing food. Yes foodie friends, you will not be disappointed if you come visit me. We will DEFINITELY go here if you come visit me. So visit me. :)

After dinner we strolled slowly home, intensely satisfied, and plopped on my futon couch to watch some Game of Thrones season 1 (I've gotten my parents hooked). They then brought out my special bday cake and some cherry cider:

Great way to wrap up a wonderful evening. :) We all had two slices, which seemed just right.

Ravintola Coma - food glory

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